Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Letter to Mr Crawley, Wandsworth Housing Department

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Dear Mr Crawley

Thank you for your letter dated 18th November 2008. I note your apology but do not accept you could have been unaware that threatening me with legal action would ‘come across as threatening’.

Regarding the matter of consent for the alterations, as I said in my letter dated 28th October 2008, I will be taking this complaint to the Chief Executive in accordance with council complaints procedure as you seem unable to appreciate that I am not perversely withholding the documents you have requested
ad nauseam but, as explained, am unable to provide them due to the fact that Ms Parris failed to request them at the appropriate time in Spring 2006, a failure for which I am not in any way liable, yet which you refuse to acknowledge other than as a ‘misunderstanding’.

I originally wrote to you to complain about Ms Parris’ failure to respond to my letters over a two year period, and to resolve the simple matter of formal Landlord’s consent; consent which I sought at the appropriate time, for alterations which were fully supervised and approved by Wandsworth Building Control.

You have not only failed to apologize for Ms Parris’ negligence, or explain the loss of every single document sent to her, you have also spectacularly failed to show any willingness to resolve the central issue of consent. Your most constructive suggestion has been to propose legal action against me. I therefore see no point in continuing our correspondence on this matter.

As regards the roof ridge repointing, and your request for ‘further information’ as to ‘the nature of the works’, I have already given you details in previous letters and have no idea what further details you could possibly require. However, may I suggest that you pursue whatever enquiries you deem necessary via Ms Parris and/or the council technician who inspected my flat and its roof at 1.30pm on 10th May 2006, given that it was the technician who noted the need for the repair and Ms Parris who said that my builders should carry out the repair.

Obviously, this suggestion is based on the assumption that Ms Parris, despite having lost all documents, plans, certificates and letters relating to my property (remarkably, even before she had had the opportunity to respond to them), is not suffering from amnesia in addition to her fragile grasp on paperwork.

I note that I sent you a further copy of the invoice for repointing on 28th October, i.e. three months ago, and I originally sent this invoice to Ms Parris on 20th September 2006, i.e. well over two years ago. This letter is the ninth time I have requested this refund and I have reached what is popularly known as the end of my tether.

Therefore, I hereby give you formal notice that if I do not receive the 50% refund owing for the roof ridge repointing, i.e. the sum of £125, within 14 days of the date of this letter, I will initiate legal proceedings against L.B. of Wandsworth to recover this money. My claim will include the usual court fees and, in addition, a charge for time spent pursuing the debt.

Yours sincerely



  1. You are not alone:


    This would never happen in the Ummah.

  2. Outraged of Chelsea29 January 2009 at 19:31

    May I be the first to congratulate you on successfully authoring this letter without once using the word c**t.

  3. Blimey, this puts my own building headaches into perspective!!


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