Wednesday, 11 February 2009

I Initiate Court Claim Against Wandsworth Council

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The deadline has passed. No cheque, and no reply from Mr Crawley since his acknowledgment dated 30 January 2009. So today I initiated a claim via HMCS's Money Claim Online. The total value of my claim, including £125 for the repair, £100 for time-wasting, £24.06 interest on the £125, and £25 court fee, is £274.06.

The next stage is acknowledgment of my online claim. 

PROTIP: When filling in the online Particulars of Claim form, it specifies no more than 24 lines and 1080 characters. However, it doesn't mean normal A4 page-width lines; it means lines the width of the  text entry box, which is about 2 inches wide, but misleadingly stretchable. When drafting a claim in a Word doc, reduce the margins to the same width as the online text box. If you paste the text with normal page-width margins, you'll get repeated error messages (which don't tell you what you're doing wrong)  like I did until I figured it out.


  1. Q1) Did you have to show a breakdown of how you arrived at the £100?

    Q2) Is the interest rate based on what you could have received if the £125 had been invested in a bank, or some specified rate (like base rate plus 1% or something)?

  2. Hi Panos,

    1) No, not at this stage. However, it is based roughly on a £10 charge for every long tedious phone call I had with Thames Water and each time I had to wait in for a Thames Water appointment. If anything, I've underestimated the price of the boredom and inconvenience suffered.

    2) The standard interest rate chargeable in English civil court claims is 8% per annum.


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