Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Finally! A reply from Mr Crawley! I must have missed it amongst all the junk mail in the hall this morning. I am going to quote it here in all its jawdropping entirety. I'll comment on it later (or tomorrow) when I'm over the blind rage. 

EDIT: I really want that cat in the photo.

* * * * *

Dear Miss *Trufax*

I am writing with regard to your letter received on 30th January 2009 concerning your property. 

1) I appreciate your position with regard to the alterations that you have undertaken. I also apologize for any letters that you sent that have not been responded to. Nevertheless, it appears that we are both keen to address the issue of consent for the alterations that have been undertaken. As previously stated we would normally require the following documents and as the work took place as recently as 2006 I would hope that you would be able to provide them.
  • Details of the contractors that undertook the work
  • Contractors Health and Safety Statement
  • Contractors Public Liability Insurance (must be in excess of £5 million)
  • Specification of what works were carried out, illustrating how the property looked before and what it now looks like
  • Method statement explaining how the works were undertaken
We may be able to process a Deed of Variation to alter the terms of your lease without all of the above information. However, in order to do so it will be necessary for one of our Building Maintenance Surveyors to inspect the work that has been carried out. Please contact me on [telephone number] so that we can arrange an appropriate time for them to visit.

2) I have discussed the issue of the roof repointing with the Area Housing Manager. Unfortunately, in order for us to provide you with the refund that you are requesting we would require evidence that you consulted with us, and obtained our agreement, prior to arranging for the works to be undertaken. You have been unable to provide, and I have been unable to locate, any evidence to indicate that we agreed to contribute towards the roof works. Therefore, I am unable to provide you with a refund.

3) I visited the property on Monday 24th November 2008 with Steve Brophy, Senior Building Maintenance Inspector, and our plumbing contractors, Newpoint. Newpoint then provided us with a report and a quote for the proposed works. Unfortunately the nature of the problem means that only when the area is excavated will we be able to accurately assess the cost of repair. Newpoint believe that there are two leaks in the area concerned but they are not able to establish their exact location. The anticipated cost of the works is also greater than the limit at which we are obliged to consult with leaseholders within your block. Therefore, I will shortly be sending out consultation letters to all the leaseholders within the block giving an estimated cost of the works that are required. As soon as this consultation period has finished, one month after the date of the letter, we will be able to arrange for the works to be completed. I apologize for the delays in undertaking this work but I hope you can appreciate that these are largely due to their unusual nature.

If you have any questions, or wish to discuss any of the above matters, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Crawley


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