Friday, 20 February 2009

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I was looking through my Wandsworth paperwork today when I discovered a useful piece of evidence. Back in 2007, I wrote on one occasion to the Finance Department to chase the overdue refund, since I wasn't getting anywhere with Ms Parris. And I've found the reply, from Ms Kenny, Assistant Property Accountant, which contains this perfectly phrased paragraph:
"I have sent a copy of your letter, along with a further copy of the invoice for £250 for repointing of the roof, to Ms Parris, as this is a matter for the Housing Department. I have asked for her to reply to you direct on this issue and to send me a copy for information."
So, I now have hard evidence that Ms Parris received at least one of my letters requesting the refund, and failed to reply to it. If Wandsworth's defence is that they didn't agree to or authorize the repointing, or know anything about it until recently, (as Mr Crawley appears to be arguing), then this letter helps to undermine that defence. 

I also have copies of the letters I sent to Ms Parris. While I cannot prove she received all of them, I am confident that a judge would take the view that my letters were posted and delivered, just as the one to the Finance Department was, and do not comprise an elaborate fraud conducted over a three year period in order to obtain £125 by deception. 

BTW, a gold star for Ms Kenny, who I've dealt with a few times on service charge matters. She's always been really helpful and efficient. I like her even more now. 

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