Sunday, 22 February 2009

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Mr Crawley has now sent a Notice of Intention to Carry Out Works, received yesterday.

The estimate for the repair is  £755.78 (I am expected to pay 50%). The breakdown includes an optimistic £126.54 "Minor Works Commissioning Fee" - they'll be lucky -  and, my favourite: "Cost for turning off and turning on mains water supply to block x1hr @ £22.22/hr = £22.22." I'm surprised there isn't a costing for walking to and from the van. 

The notice informs me:
"The investigations have revealed that there are one or more leaks under the communal entrance to the property. In order to resolve the problem it will be necessary to excavate two holes, repair and reinstate all groundwork and timbers (skirting and floorboards). As we are unable to establish the exact location of the leaks without excavating through the floor we are only able to estimate the total costs of repair. Therefore, the costs provided represent our best estimate at this time. It is quite possible that the costs of repair could rise."
In short, the contractors' expert investigations apparently didn't reveal that the leak is coming from the valve of the water pipe, which they would have seen if they'd looked at the visible portion of the water pipe. Dear God, the relentless dimwittery is really beginning to grind me down. 

I am invited to make "written observations in relation to the proposed works". I'll be doing this after I get my own plumber round to give an independent report, as I doubt Mr Crawley will be willing to take my word for it. 


  1. Seething of Belgravia24 February 2009 at 10:20

    Have you considered drawing him a facetious diagram?

  2. I would love to know the hourly rate for "turning on and turning off" Mr Crawley's brain, although I suspect that it would be an untenable financial burden for the council...


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