Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Al The Plumber

My plumber, Al, came round today to look at the leak. I've known him for several years and although he's not cheap you can trust him to do a guaranteed 100% professional job. In my experience cut-price plumbers are a false economy; I've had to pay Al to fix bad work by other plumbers on more than one occasion.

Anyway, Al confirmed what I already knew. The valve on the right hand side pipe is leaking. He offered to fix it there and then for £300. I was really tempted, but I couldn't say yes. Apart from the council's involvement, there are two other leaseholders who pay a percentage of communal repair costs for the building so, overall, little likelihood I'd get the 50% back for non-pre-approved-by-council repairs.

I've drafted a response to the Notice of Intention to Carry Out Works,  but next on my council To Do/Attack list is writing to the Chief Executive, Gerald Jones. This is the man.

It was the only photo I could find. He has a remarkably low media profile, given his position. You can find out considerably more about me via Google than about Mr Jones, whose only claim to fame is being one of the UK's highest paid local authority chief executives. In 2007 it was widely reported that his salary was £227,424 per annum. I don't at all begrudge him the money - he no doubt does a good job generally since our council tax is one of the lowest in the UK - but my attitude may well change, and swiftly, if he can't sort out the mess created by Ms Parris and Mr Crawley. Sackings would be good but I know that's pure fantasy - you have to be Sharon Shoesmith to get fired by a council for incompetence these days. 

Incidentally, I've just noticed there's a spooky resemblance between Jill Pay, (underling of Incompetence Today's unofficial blog mascot  Michael Martin, The Speaker) and Ms Shoesmith.  0_0


  1. Well, at least incompetence isn't just confined to the USA.

  2. I think incompetence is a consecuence of forgetting the individual power, that's beacuse governements are always making mistakes... beacuse it's a concetrated power between a small group of people...

    Well... one day humans will wake up and say, this is my life, I create my laws, i judge myself... Because I'm really free


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