Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Mr Crawley Acknowledges My Letter

Quick update. Mr Crawley has acknowledged my letter of 27th January 2009, in a letter dated 30th January. This is good because it is proof he has received notice of my intention to initiate legal proceedings if Wandsworth fail to pay up, and I need that proof if I submit a claim to the Small Claims Court.

The deadline for payment is end of play on Tuesday 10th February.


  1. Hi,

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  2. I see the whippersnappers from Wandsworth – “The Brighter Borough” - Council haven’t changed much since my day. Back in ’68, a year or two after the borough was formed, I headed one of their hush-hush departments.

    I’m rather afraid that I’m unable to go into all of it on a public forum, you understand, but I feel it wouldn’t be too indiscreet of me to say that it all appertained to the quality of the eating irons in the staff canteen. Of course, one doesn’t expect these things to be up to the standard of the Savoy, but are spoon-handled tea forks really too much to ask for? Apparently, so.

    Anyway, don’t indulge this old fool any further. Burdening you with the ramblings of my tortured soul is inadmissible. My advice to you, Trufax – although I rather suspect that this isn’t your real name but more a gangster pseudonym like those rapper fellows who are always shooting one another over in the States are wont to use. Where was I? Oh, yes. My advice to you, Trufax, and I’m sure I speak for many of your readers, is to get on to Paxman about all of it. Failing him, try Clarkson. A Jeremy can always be relied upon for matters as grave as these.

    Keep your chin up. Must dash, indoor bowls meeting tonight.

    Sir Gordon
    PS: Did the bounders cough up? The deadline has, after all, now passed.


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