Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Announcement regarding the claim for the refund

* * * * *

As the claim for the refund is pretty much up and running now, I'm going to leave off claim updates till after it's settled. This is in order to avoid any risk of being held in contempt of court - however unlikely this may seem given the nature and size of the claim. When it's over I promise I'll fill you in on all the gory details.

Meanwhile, I will of course continue to keep you all posted on the thrilling developments which arise with regard to the repair of the leak, the existence of Mr Evans, etc. 

(BTW, in case any of you are wondering where I get my funny cat pictures and illustrations from, they are mostly ganked from communities on LiveJournal, as was today's image. No idea who made it or why, but somehow it seemed...apt). 

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