Sunday, 8 March 2009

Blog Summary: I

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For the benefit of newcomers to the blog, this is a brief summary of what’s happened since my first post in January. Mr Crawley and I have continued to correspond and here's where we've got to:

THE REFUND FOR THE REPOINTING: Mr Crawley has refused to pay this on the basis that I have not “provide[d] any evidence to indicate that [Wandsworth] agreed to contribute towards the roof works”. Mr Crawley appears, perversely, to have failed to ask Ms Parris what she said to me during the site visit of May 2006. No explanation has been given by Mr Crawley with regard to the loss of my letters by Ms Parris or her failure to reply to them. I’ve issued a court claim for the money and Wandsworth are contesting it. Ashfords Solicitors are acting for Wandsworth, and I'm waiting for them to submit a written defence (deadline 18th March). I also await Mr Crawley’s response to my request for a written statement from Ms Parris

THE LEAK IN THE COMMUNAL HALL: (Not mentioned in my first post, but explained in a subsequent post). The leak, first reported in May 2006 when it flooded the hall carpet, remains unrepaired. Wandsworth contractors, sent by Mr Crawley to inspect, failed to identify the location of the leak, and propose to “excavate” the area to discover its source. I’m about to write to Mr Crawley about this. The location of the leak is not, nor ever was, a mystery; it's on the internal mains stopcock, something which would have been obvious had the contractors carried out a proper inspection.

LANDLORD’S CONSENT: Mr Crawley has sent me his bulleted list four times and refuses to budge on this issue, or acknowledge Ms Parris’ role in failing to inform me these documents were required at the appropriate time. I’ve informed Mr Crawley that I’m taking this complaint to the Chief Executive, Gerald Jones.

In conclusion, Mr Crawley has spectacularly failed to resolve any of my complaints, and there is the subtle but unmistakeable implication throughout his letters that he regards my claim of having written repeatedly to Ms Parris, and having had a conversation regarding the roof repointing and landlord’s consent with her, as being the product of a delusional or, at best, confused, mind.

Oh, and Mr Crawley's been promoted.

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