Thursday, 26 March 2009

Blog Summary: II

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It's a while since the last summary, so here's another catch-up for n00bs.

THE REFUND FOR THE REPOINTING: Ashfords Solicitors have submitted their defence, comprising a broad denial of everything. The existence of Ms Parris has been confirmed by a rare sighting of her signature on the defence's "statement of truth". Mr Crawley has referred my request for statements from Ms Parris and the council technician to Ashfords, carefully avoiding any mention of the words "Ms Parris" or "statements".

THE LEAK IN THE COMMUNAL HALL: I've written to Mr Crawley telling him it's not necessary to "excavate" the hall because we know where the leak is, and pointing out that it's a buildings insurance claim so I'm not liable for the cost of repair/redecoration. I've asked him to send a loss assessor (as I previously asked Ms Parris to do in 2006). I await Mr Crawley's response. Not hopeful and assume all my points will be ignored.

LANDLORD'S CONSENT: Mind games time. I wrote to the Chief Executive, Gerald Jones, and he replied saying it wasn't a "Step 3" complaint because the Director of Housing, Roy Evans, (Mr Step 2), hadn't replied to my "Step 2" complaint to him dated July 2008, Mr Crawley had (but he's not Mr Step 2), so he was forwarding my letter to the Mr Evans (yes, I know it doesn't make sense). I'd naively assumed that Mr Crawley had been replying on Mr Evans' behalf over the past seven months since Mr Evans himself hadn't replied to my July 2008 letter. Anyway this all means that Mr Crawley was just "Step 1" so the two years of Ms Parris not replying to my letters don't count and my complaint only began in July 2008, as there is no "Step 0" in council complaints procedure-land. Mr Evans has yet to acknowledge receipt of the letter forwarded to him by Mr Jones nine days ago and I am unimpressed, but resigned.

This is because, following Mr Jones' letter, it finally sank in that they are all zombies and I am not dealing with reasonable people with any desire to resolve the issues. It's increasingly clear that the council's primary concern is to avoid admitting any maladministration and moreover they have the supreme confidence that, as council employees, normal consequences like getting the sack for being crap at your job don't apply. Look at how much Sharon Shoesmith bleated about it.

In other news, I've started a satirical twitter called Crawley's Tweets [EDIT: tweets now deleted]. Ashfords Solicitors have discovered my blog which means there may be a time lag in some of what I post for strategic reasons. I'm reviewing my options in terms of machete-ing a way through this maze of incompetence and bureaucracy, TBA at a later date.

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