Saturday, 21 March 2009

Blue custard thinking

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I've decided not to reply to Gerald Jones' letter;  I realized it would be a complete waste of time when he's made it obvious he doesn't give a fuck. Instead I'm going to go to Martin Linton MP's next surgery and hopefully get him on side. Meanwhile, I will continue to go through the motions of corresponding with Wandsworth regarding the leak and the landlord's consent, but with extremely lowered expectations of getting anywhere. I haven't ruled out contacting the local press, chaining myself to the wheelchair ramp handrail outside the town hall, or blue custard. 

I've also decided to have more behind-the-scenes fun, to alleviate the debilitating effects of dealing with the council. To this end, inspired by the banality of twitter and of local government, I've started a twitter called CrawleysTweets (with an anonymous co-author), which you can follow here, or in the sidebar (bear in mind it's early days and we're just getting the hang of it). 

And tomorrow I will be posting *a new fun poll*.

On the subject of polls, we have an outcome for the last one:  "Do you think Mr Crawley's reply to my letter dated 24th February will...etc." Mr Crawley finally replied this week saying, 
"As you rightly point out the issue of the roof pointing is now the subject of a court claim. This matter has been referred to our solicitors, Ashfords, and they will contact you regarding this claim in due course."
Yup, no acknowledgment of Ms Parris' existence; not even an acknowledgment of the existence of my request for written statements. Maybe Ms Parris should be added to the list of banned words compiled by the Local Government Association.

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  1. I notice there are no swear words on that list of banned words.


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