Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Dreams of blue custard

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As you probably gathered, I was in a rage this morning. Part of it was sheer disappointment; I'd been hoping - foolishly, it turns out - that I'd finally get somewhere with Gerald Jones looking into my complaints, after months of going round in circles with Mr Crawley. Instead, his letter was entirely focussed on buck-passing on the spurious premise that my letter of July 2008 to the Director of Housing, Roy Evans, was not a Step 2 complaint because Mr Crawley replied to it and not Mr Evans himself. I can't entirely get my head around this; if Mr Crawley wasn't replying to my letter on behalf of Mr Evans, then the only alternative explanations are:
1) Mr Crawley has been secretly opening and responding to the Director of Housing's post behind his back.

2) It's part of the council's unwritten complaints procedure whereby complainants are fooled into thinking they've made a Step 2 complaint, because sending them back to square one will usually result in the complainant losing the will to live, thus 'solving' the complaint and removing the inconvenience of having to deal with it.
I'll be writing to Mr Jones tomorrow. 

Le sigh.

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