Thursday, 5 March 2009


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I've registered this blog's URL with Google Webmaster and as it's meant to be good for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), i.e. coming higher up the page in Google. They send virtual robots to check out your blog regularly. It seems to be doing the trick as I'm beginning to get hits from Google searches (revealed by my site meter), and I'm on the first page for:
  • incompetence+wandsworth (yay!)
  • incompetence[or wandsworth]+crawley
  • incompetence[or wandsworth]+parris
...and in 49th position for housing+complaints+wandsworth and 44th position for housing+complaint+wandsworth, which isn't that great, but not disastrous for a puny blog like mine. It's lucky there's only one Wandsworth on the planet. 

I've also changed the blog's tagline. Apparently, what and how you write has an effect on SEO and there should be a degree of 'focus' and 'Keyword Rich Content'. I think I'm okay since this blog is already obsessively focussed on a single topic and littered with keywords without even trying. Well, I admit I am trying with those last two example Google searches. And I'm going to use more post titles from now on.  

What this increased visibility will achieve, except for an increase in (hopefully interested) traffic, remains to be seen, but exposure of local government incompetence has to be a good thing. 

I wonder if Mr Crawley or Ms Parris are self-Googlers. Most people do it occasionally. I enjoy the idea of them coming across this blog accidentally. It did occur to me this might not be helpful in terms of the court claim etc, but then I realized there's nothing here which could harm my case as it's all true. Any minor tactical disadvantage is far outweighed by the naming and shaming factor. 

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