Thursday, 5 March 2009

Court Claim Update

I received today from the court a Notice that Acknowledgment of Service has been filed, (Form N10) dated 3rd March 2009.

Enclosed was a copy of the defendant's Acknowledgment of Service, which shows that Wandsworth "intend to defend all of this claim". They are using a firm of solicitors called Ashfords in Exeter, Devon, to represent them.

The deadline for Wandsworth to file a defence is 18th March. I'll be very interested to see what it says. It could just be a broad denial of everything, i.e. say I have no evidence that they authorized the repair and agreed to refund. However, given that I named Ms Parris in my claim, and given that Ashfords will surely read my correspondence with Mr Crawley, they will surely have to ask Ms Parris about what she said on the site visit in May 2006. It's the logical thing to do. So it's possible she may be mentioned in the defence, which would be a far more interesting outcome.  

BTW, I checked today and Ms Parris hasn't been promoted.


  1. They’ve not got a leg to stand on. Too much time has passed in which they’ve failed to resolve the situation. So much so that anything said from their quarter would be considered unreliable.

  2. Quite. I wouldn't bother taking them to court if I wasn't 100% sure I'll win.

    But I knew they'd contest it. Council tactics are always to exhaust the enemy [complainant] into submission.

  3. Horrified of Primrose Hill6 March 2009 at 17:03

    Perhaps her lack of promotion is due to insufficient levels of incompetence. Compared to Crawley, losing every document relating to the case and completely failing to respond to or confirm claims of her instruction of the works looks like entry level ineptitude.


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