Friday, 6 March 2009

In a few weeks it'll be the leak's third anniversary

* * * * *

The leak, perhaps in anticipation of the forthcoming occasion, is reviving its 2006 glory days, when it was first reported to Ms Parris and to Wandsworth Housing's duty manager. That heady time when leaks were young and carefree, and you thought repair was just around the corner. 

I noticed the tell-tale patch on the communal hall carpet when I went out today. It's not dirt, it's waterlogged from the leak. The second photo shows the rather grim scene inside the cupboard on the left in the first photo. As you can see, water has filled the cavity (in fact, it's always like that), but is still below carpet level, so I'm not sure how the water is making the carpet soggy. I presume the floorboards and underlay are acting as a sponge and drawing the water up?

Click on the photos if you want to see the full-size image. (I only just discovered you can do this).

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