Monday, 9 March 2009

Incompetence Today welcomes Ashfords Solicitors

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There were several visits from an IP address identifying itself as Ashfords Solicitors, in Exeter, Devon, to the blog this morning. (Ashfords are the solicitors acting for Wandsworth in the court claim). My site meter tracked the following visits from this IP address:
  • Visit time 11.23am; page views 7; visit length 21 minutes 
  • Visit time 11.27am; page views 22; visit length 31 minutes
  • Visit time 11.28am; page views 1; visit length unknown
  • Visit time 11.28am; page views 2, visit length 1.3 minutes
FYI, 22 page views is an exceptionally high number compared to the average, which is 2.4 per visit. 

They all arrived at the blog at the post about Sian Gibbon, not the home page, which suggests someone is circulating a link to that post. The overlapping visit times indicate as many as four individual visitors.

Edit: 7.30pm 9th March 2009. Ashfords made a further five visits to my blog this afternoon.


  1. Could it not be that one person had more than one window open?

  2. It's certainly possible, but Ashfords is a large firm and it's likely that more than one employee would be interested in a blog post about Ms Gibbon. Subsequent visits today bring the total to nine hits, between 11.23am and 5.19pm, which would be rather a lot for only one person.

  3. I suppose it would be rude to email and ask her? Perhaps she'll come on and 'fess up.

    You’re certainly to be commended for your restraint/maturity. Had this been my blog, then by now I’d already be throwing phrases like “monkey business” around, not to mention other relevant keywords: nut, magic, jungle, puzzle, wrench, etc.

  4. I think it would probably breach legal protocol for Ashfords to comment on a claimant's blog but, to paraphrase Marie-Antoinette, let them lurk. They might learn something about their client.


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