Friday, 13 March 2009

I've written to Gerald Jones, Chief Executive of Wandsworth Council

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I finally posted my ‘Step 3’ complaint to Wandsworth’s Chief Executive, Gerald Jones, today. I rewrote it and edited it down to two pages instead of the original three, to ensure I got the key points across.

I won’t reproduce the letter here as you already know the story, but writing it brought into focus precisely wherein the problem lies with Mr Crawley. Ms Parris’ failures are straightforward ones; she just ignores letters and doesn’t do her job. And while Mr Crawley has similarly failed on the basic level of not resolving any of the issues, it goes beyond that.

Looking back over Mr Crawley’s letters, I realized that he consistently disbelieves 
anything I say. He has shown no concern whatsoever about the disappearance of all my letters to Ms Parris – why? – because he doesn’t believe I sent the letters. He says I misunderstood what Ms Parris told me about landlord’s consent (i.e. I'm just confused about that, obvi). He won’t accept I can’t provide the documentation he’s demanding – why else would he persist in demanding it four times? He refuses to believe that Ms Parris authorized the roof repair. He didn’t believe I was going to issue a court claim for the refund (wrong again). He ignored it  when I said I was taking the consent complaint to the Chief Executive, and just wrote back as though I hadn’t said it.

This is the key to the madness. How can Mr Crawley address any complaint if he disbelieves everything the complainant tells him? It's a classic example of local government mentality. You are wrong/woefully misguided/lying/a nuisance who needs to STFU and/or DIAF. The council is always right. It is incapable of maladministration, (I mean, just look at the findings of the LGOs). They apologize if you were not aware of this universal truth. 

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