Thursday, 12 March 2009

Letter to Mr Crawley objecting to the proposed works

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Here's my response to the Notice of Intention to Carry Out Works, posted today, 12th March 2009.
"Dear Mr Crawley

This is a formal objection to the proposed works/quotation. I have several reasons for my objection, firstly:

1) This is a buildings insurance matter. I therefore do not accept liability for the cost of repair. When the leak was first reported to Ms Parris and to the duty manager in 2006, the water had reached carpet level, i.e. flooding. In the subsequent months and years, the water has inevitably drained into the surrounding timbers, masonry and foundations, (causing further damage).

In my letter to Ms Parris dated 9th June 2006, I asked her to arrange for someone from the buildings insurance company to come and inspect. I am, obviously, aware that Ms Parris ‘lost’ this letter (along with all the others).

In addition:

2) Excavation of the hall to ‘discover’ the location of the leak is unnecessary. The extensive damp in the wall is entirely consistent with a single long-term unrepaired leak, and the leak is coming from the valve on the water pipe on the right hand side, something which an inspection of the exposed portion of the pipes would have revealed. There has never been any mystery surrounding the location of the leak.

I enclose a quote from a qualified plumber confirming the location of the leak.

3) The remedial works now necessary to the walls and timbers are entirely due to the negligence of the council, who failed to take appropriate action at the time the leak was reported. It has taken several years for the damp to spread and it is laughable even to suggest that leaseholders are responsible for the cost of repairing this.

If you choose to ignore the above observations and proceed with the works as proposed, I will obviously not accept any liability for costs you incur.

Please note that the hallway is again flooding and I would be grateful if you would send a loss assessor from the buildings insurance company to inspect the damage.

Yours sincerely, etc"

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