Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Reply from Gerald Jones, Chief Executive of Wandsworth Council

Would you agree I've been really patient up to now? Like, really, really patient and reasonable in the circumstances and you can't believe how reasonable and patient I've been considering this has all been going on for three years? Yes? Okay. Read on. 

This is Gerald Jones' reply to my letter of 13th March. 
"You have requested that your complaint be considered as a Step 3 complaint. However, from your letter you say that you made a Step 2 complaint in July 2008 and that you received a response from Mr Crawley and not the Director. Accordingly a copy of your correspondence has been forwarded to the Director of Housing asking him to arrange for the matter you raise to be investigated and a reply sent to you direct."
Yes, I wrote to the fucking Director of Housing in July 2008 and Mr fucking Crawley replied. The Director of Housing did not fucking reply. I therefore fucking assumed that Mr fucking Crawley was fucking replying on behalf of the fucking Director of Housing. If he wasn't, then how come the fucking Director of Housing didn't fucking reply?

Gerald Jones can go fuck himself. 

That is all.

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