Sunday, 8 March 2009

Sian Gibbon: Wandsworth's solicitor

(Edit: 9th March 2009. As ashfordbots have been crawling around my blog this morning, I have removed the photo of Ms Gibbon which used to be here and replaced it with a charming cat photo in order to preclude any attempt by Ashfords to claim illegal use of a copyrighted image)

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Out of idle curiosity, I checked Ashfords' website (Ashfords being the solicitors who are acting for Wandsworth in my court claim) to see if the person who filled in the response form was mentioned anywhere. I'd vaguely assumed that a junior lawyer would have been assigned to my case but it turns out Sian Gibbon is a partner of the firm, in the Property Litigation Department. She joined Ashfords in 1988, and became a partner in 2000. She is the only partner mentioned on the Property Litigation page. It's a big firm with about 60 partners, but nevertheless this all suggests a reasonable degree of seniority. 

In addition, the Chambers Guide to the Legal Profession, 2009 Edition, says:
"The heart of the practice lies with Sian Gibbon, who has excelled in winning public sector and housing association work. Her practice focuses on commercial landlord and tenant disputes, easement and restrictive covenant enforcement, trusts of land and redevelopment-related litigation. In recent highlight work, she represented the London Borough of Wandsworth in a Court of Appeal determination on the meaning of succession in the context of the Housing Act 1985."
And, from the 2008 Edition:
"Sian Gibbon has been involved in the weighty litigation that has kept the department busy of late and she can expect much more attention as a result of her 'fantastic work' in service charge and rights of light cases."
Weighty litigation? Hahaha! It's both flattering and risible that Wandsworth regard my claim for £274.06 as so fiendishly complex it requires a property litigation specialist and senior company partner to contest it.  

I wonder how much Ms Gibbon's time is costing Wandsworth council tax payers? £150 per hour? It can't be less than £100. 


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  1. ‘I wonder how much Ms Gibbon's time is costing Wandsworth council tax payers? £150 per hour? It can't be less than £100.’

    This is why the press must be informed.

    And beware. Solicitors can be a devious crew when they want to be. You'll no doubt remember the time I helped con Dan Sullivan into selling his share of the Queen Vic . . .


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