Friday, 20 March 2009

Wandsworth "number one for service and value"

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Every letter that is spewed forth from the fifth bolgia of the eighth circle of Hell a.k.a. Wandsworth Borough Council has this tagline at the bottom: "number one for service and value" in oh-so-accessible lower case. Over time, I've come to view this with extreme cynicism. I don't care what the Audit Commission says, or how many stars it has awarded to Wandsworth, a more accurate slogan would be "we don't care so don't fucking bother". They could use the universally despised Comic Sans font.

I've been too bored and dispirited with the whole thing to write back to the Chief Executive yet. I know that's the whole point of the complaints procedure, to grind you down, so I think I need to step back and examine strategy before proceeding. The matter of the refund is at least under control, as it's up to the judge to decide, not the council. But aside from the trio of unresolved issues, one must also consider the context of maladministration as well as the implications of Ms Parris' signature on the statement of truth. This isn't something that anyone employed by the council is likely ever to address, judging by the total absence of interest shown by Gerald Jones, the Chief Executive.

I've discovered that the MP for Battersea, Martin Linton, with a majority of 163, is Labour, not Conservative as I'd assumed (given the overwhelmingly Conservative council). He may well take an interest in maladministration in Wandsworth Council. It depends what sort of man he is, I suppose, but his being Labour is surely an advantage. 

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