Wednesday, 23 September 2009

It's still not over

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It's been over four months since I last posted; not because it's all over, but because, in the wake of the roof ridge refund triumph, there seemed to be a general air of rapprochement with Mr Crawley.

An onsite meeting took place in mid-May. Both Mr Crawley and Mr Brophy (the Building Maintenance Manager) attended, and both seemed satisfied with the standard of the work carried out. Positive, approving, noises were made.

Mr Crawley also appeared to accept that I could not provide all the things he had originally demanded, like Public Liability Insurance in excess of £5 million - I mentioned that I had considered trying to get this insurance retrospectively, and he said there would be no point (this being the case, I inwardly wondered why he had repeatedly demanded it). I explained further about the breakdown of cordial relations with the builders, and again he seemed to understand. Anyway, he asked for a few things: a copy of the technical drawings for the sliding doors to the balcony below the roof terrace (not a structural alteration, but whatever...), details of the contractors who installed the railings on the roof terrace, and anything else I could find in my 'files' which might be relevant. In short, it all felt like progress. I actually felt cheered, after years of getting absolutely nowhere.

I then lapsed into a period of laurels and apathy, as finding these documents involved, well, finding them. I have shedloads of paperwork from numerous properties over the years, other work projects, company accounts which I have to keep for seven years, personal tax accounts, stacks of invoices shoved into plastic bags, etc. Until last month, I'd not filed anything except essential stuff for tax purposes for quite some time (years). Non-essential stuff was deployed in various crates stuffed into inaccessible parts of the flat.

I eventually sent the requested documents to Mr Crawley on 20th August. This particular three month delay is, I fully admit, down to my own laziness, holiday-making, and general fear of paperwork. I now have Mr Crawley's reply dated 8th September, but I'll continue this thread tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the leak in the communal hallway was repaired. You will remember that, back in April, Roy Evans had expressed his doubts concerning the simplicity of fixing the leak, in a masterpiece of flawed logic:
"I would obviously be very concerned, particularly given the time period since this leak was first reported, that the remedy was as simple as your plumber suggests"
Unsurprisingly, it turned out that there is no direct relationship between the length of time since a leak is reported and the complexity of the repair. Both my plumbers were right; the leak was due to one leaky valve and it proved unnecessary to excavate the hallway in search of other leaks, as previously advised by the council's contractors.

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