Friday, 25 September 2009

Mr Crawley's letter

* * * * *

Following on from Wednesday's update, as I said, Mr Crawley has written in response to the stuff I sent him on 20th August, the stuff I thought meant that we'd now be moving on to sorting out the valuation and then the Deed of Variation.

But now he wants more stuff, stuff he's thought of since the onsite meeting. It no longer matters what stuff. It feels like a sisyphean torture, as if I am doomed to correspond with Mr Crawley for eternity and never quite reach the point where he finally agrees that the Deed of Variation may proceed to completion. This feeling is mixed with despondency, and aching boredom with it all.

And anger that this is all down to me being stupid enough to trust Miss Parris, who gets off scot free in spite of the maladministration and the lies.

But, like Claire Zachanassian in D├╝rrenmatt's The Visit, I can wait.

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