Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Review of Servicing Stop Ltd

North Londoners Toby & Oliver Richmond

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This is a special guest Incompetence Today feature, following an experience of staggeringly bad customer service at the hands of a company called Servicing Stop.

A while ago I watched Dragons' Den on BBC2 and three of the dragons made offers to invest in a company set up by Toby and Oliver Richmond, an online car servicing business which farms out the jobs to garages nationwide, offering competitive fixed prices, compliance with manufacturer’s warranty, free pick-up and delivery, etc. The Richmond brothers accepted Deborah Meaden’s offer of £100K for 30% of the business.

I have no interest in cars and limited experience of garages, mainly confined to being charged a fortune for stuff I'm never quite sure was necessary, and avoiding them generally unless I need an MOT. I drive less than 1,000 miles a year. Anyway, it was three years since my modest four year old Ford Fiesta had been serviced, so I decided to give Servicing Stop a go. I thought that with an investor like Meaden on board, it had to be trustworthy, at least.

What follows is a very dull and long-winded story of crap customer service. So unless you’re contemplating using Servicing Stop Ltd, I recommend you skip it. But if you’ve found this blog post whilst looking for customer reviews of Servicing Stop and are contemplating using them, I urge you to read on. [Edit August 2015 - read the comments, too, still coming in after six years].

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I booked a full service, an MOT and asked for a repair to the plastic wing mirror back which had been vandalized three years ago.

DAY 1: Thursday 27 August. For a brief time, it all went swimmingly. The car was collected at 9am by a representative of Acme Garage (not their real name), with a promised delivery time of between 4-6pm that same afternoon. I was impressed - same day service! I wondered a bit about the Acme man giving me his business card. It seemed to defeat the point of Servicing Stop managing the customer relationship - if I thought Acme were brilliant, what's to stop me calling them direct next time? (Quite a lot as it turned out).

The first fly in the swimminess occurred at 5pm, when John of Acme, struggling to pronounce my really not very hard to pronounce name, called me to say my car wouldn't be back today. He assured me it would be back at noon tomorrow.

DAY 2: Noon came and went. At 3pm I called Servicing Stop, whose T&C state that all complaints and communications must be conducted via Servicing Stop Ltd. I got a helpful-sounding woman called Jo Preedy, who apologised and assured me my car would arrive between 4-5pm. At 5.05pm I rang Servicing Stop again. A less-than-helpful bloke said someone would call me back. Nobody did.

I rang again at 5.30pm and spoke to Ms Preedy. She assured me that the garage had promised the car would arrive by 6pm. And, in what later turned out to be a rare example of good customer service, offered me a discount in the form of crediting the payment for repairing the wing mirror (approx £66). All was fine until the car didn't show up at 6pm.

It finally arrived at 8pm. Nobody phoned to check I’d be home to take the keys.

DAY 3: I checked the car. No MOT certificate provided in the glove compartment as I’d been promised, and it was a Saturday and my MOT expired on Monday. Also, the wing mirror hadn’t been repaired.

DAY 6: Monday 31 August was a Bank Holiday. First thing on 1 September, I emailed Jo Preedy with my complaints. (It had got to that stage where I felt it was written complaint time). Ms Preedy didn’t call me back so I called her that afternoon. She said Acme Garage would call me to arrange the mirror repair. They did, and said they’d pick up the car tomorrow.

DAY 7: John of Acme called and said they were having trouble getting the spare part, and he’d call again when they had it.

DAY 17: My car was finally collected for the wing mirror repair on Saturday 12 September. It was returned the same day. The MOT certificate was provided this time, and a postcard from Acme with a box ticked next to ‘interim service’ – when I’d paid for a full service. The car was also leaking oil, a 30cm puddle of it.

DAY 19: I took the car on a 2 mile journey and reparked it to check whether the oil was still leaking. It was; and this time it was coming through the radiator grille.

DAY 20: I rang Jo Preedy. She said the garage would call. John agreed the leak was abnormal and said he would call me back. Two days passed.

DAY 22: Having heard nothing from John of Acme nor Jo Preedy for two days, I wrote a formal letter of complaint to MD Oliver Richmond, asking for another garage to take over the oil leak repair and check that the service work I’d paid for had actually been carried out. I also emailed a pdf of the letter to Jo Preedy. This was Thursday 17 September.

DAY 28: After four working days of silence since the letter, (and six since the oil leak was reported), I got a call from John of Acme, wanting to pick up the car. I rang Ms Preedy and said I wanted a different garage to do it. She put me on hold whilst she consulted Mr Richmond (I got the impression he was sitting next to her). She returned saying this was contrary to Servicing Stop’s T&C. I asked her to direct me to the specific term which mentioned this. She tried, quoting a term which did not contain this restriction, but in the end couldn’t find anything. She put me on hold again to consult with Mr Richmond. Mr Richmond says it’s the law, she said. OIC. I told her that Distance Selling Regulations were the law and to tell Mr Richmond that their T&C didn’t comply with them. She asked me to repeat the phrase “Distance Selling Regulations”.

It would have been nice if Mr Richmond himself had deigned to speak to me, the customer who’d written to him, instead of leaving it up to Ms Preedy to parrot his bullshit at me, but whatev. I said okay, if you refuse then so be it. And that afternoon, Acme picked up the car. The driver’s clipboard notes revealed the source of John of Acme’s pronunciation problem – Acme’s records had my name spelt very weirdly.

DAY 29: Acme called to say they would try to deliver car back that day and would call later to confirm a time. The oil leak was due to a loose cap on the oil thingy, which hadn’t been screwed back on properly. They never did call back.

DAY 30: At noon, still no car, so I rang and was told it’d be with me in five or ten minutes. It was, but no-one had called to check I’d be home.

And no follow up call from Servicing Stop to check that my complaint was now resolved. It's now five days since the car was returned.

* * * * *

I haven’t ‘outed’ the garage as they are not the corporate entity with whom I had a contract. Servicing Stop are responsible for the garages they contract.

What really amazes me is that Richmond didn’t even bother to reply to my letter. The real test of customer service is how you deal with complaints, and good customer service is so moronically simple it beggars belief that they fucked up so badly. Just one sincere letter of apology from Oliver ("Ollie") Richmond would have ensured no bad press on this blog, no bad word of mouth to my friends and potential future custom from me. I was therefore very surprised to find, in an interview with, that Richmond claims to believe “customer service is key”. Absolute proof that this man is officially a wanker.

But he surpasses himself in another interview with Exchange & Mart

"In the past, dealer garages have had widely publicised negative press; ranging from them having a total lack of customer service, to their charging exorbitant prices for repairs and servicing. Amidst all this, we are fighting off the industry's negative image, offering outstanding customer service and slashed prices".
The company's adherence to the principle that the 'Customer is Always Right' is proving successful - they've already had to expand into larger offices and employ more staff, to cope with demand.
So, outstandingly CRAP customer service, plus Servicing Stop is not especially cheap. To add insult to injury, I received a card in the post today from my local Ford dealership, Dees of Wimbledon, offering a £99 full service including parts, labour and VAT plus an MOT for £9.99. Less than half what I paid. I hadn’t bothered to check Dees' prices as the last time I took my car to Dees two years ago to get the aircon fixed, the cost was extortionate and they’d quoted around £150 to repair the wing mirror.

Now I feel ripped off as well. Great.

P.S. More bad feedback to be found in the comments to this other blog post.

And click here for all posts on this blog about Servicing Stop.


  1. the person who put this blog needs to actually redeem themself otherwise they are cowards
    martin skinner
    md prestige car servicing ltd

  2. @Martin Skinner

    Is this the same Prestige Car Servicing which has a rating of 2.2 out of 5 on here - ?

    I'm not 100% sure what your comment means due to the poor grammar, but curious to know what you suggest I do to "redeem" myself. Write a letter of apology to Oliver Richmond? Offer to pay him double?

  3. I have had AWFUL service from this company, who have scared me into thinking my car was worse than it actually was.
    A £160 (Bargain service) turned out to need £500 worth of work, including the timing belt which aparently was going to snap anyday - we had it done, and when it was returned (late I might add), they hadnt even cleaned it as per the website! Now 2 weeks on, I have a fault which aparently has nothing to do with the service, but surely the clutch would of been checked on a full service?? They have quoted £350 to fix it, alot more than Mr Clutch at £188!!
    The customer service was shit - they never phone back when they say, they say they have left voicemails, (on where I dont know), and half the people never know what the other person is doing. The mechanic was rude when he spoke to me, and scared me again by sayiing if the clutch snapped then we may end up stranded - with 2 kids!!! He certainly knew which buttons to press.
    I certainly wont be using them again!! What sounds like a ideal firm who collect your car, return it etc.. has turned into a ABSOLUTE nightmare!!
    DO NOT USE!!!!!

    1. Clutch would not be checked on a service. If your timing belt snaps it will destroy your engine, they probably did well to get it done the same day for you.

    2. These guys serviced my car recently. I had to chase them to push things along - the garage explained that they were waiting for a response. Unfortunately I couldn't get through.
      When I did get through it was explained that I needed to pay before 4pm to get my car back. As I was in and out of meetings, I had to use my mobile phone. Having stepped through the process I got an email congratulating me on purchasing £25 towards my next service. This additional payment was not made clear within the customer journey on my mobile.
      Since then I have tried to call at least 6 times and I've sent 2 emails requesting a refund. Nada.

      Customer Service is a fundamental cornerstone for any e-commerce company.

      I won't be using them again!

  4. I found this site from googling "Servicing Stop reviews". If I had read this review earlier, I would not be sending my car to Servicing Stop.

    I too had bad experience with them. I sent my Lexus for an Interim Service last week. It costs £100 less than what Lexus normally charged. While my car was with them, they called me and told me my coolant needs flush & top up (£49), the same with my brake fluid (£49), my wiper needs changing, my brake pads need to change (£95) and the same with my tire.

    I begin to suspect a con as I just changed my wipers a month ago. I told them to just change the brake pads, but I wanted the old brakes pad left in the boot of my car. They then told me the brake pad can still last a few months and I could change it later with the tires. (They rang me at my work where all phone calls are recorded, so I have an MP3 file of the phone conversation)

    Once I get the car back, I found the engine oil was 3 cm above the maximum level. Incidentally, Lexus rang me about a safety checks on my car's power steering and I sent it in two days ago. Lexus also includes a free check and which I ask them to check the engine oil level as well. Lexus confirmed the oil is overfilled and they drain the excess oil for me. Lexus gave me all ticks in the green box on their check report, ie. no problem with Coolant, brakes, tires, etc...

    A comment in another review at, S Ravenscroft commented that his Jaguar's engine blew up because of his engine oil overfilled by Servicing Stop.

    I am keen to see how Servicing Stop and Deborah Meaden are going to do to regain our confidence on their services.

  5. I just had my car serviced from here and had the worst experience ever. I found the site through google and did just a little background check, was happy when I found out about the dragons dens. I should have checked more reviews...

    A normal full service of about £200 ended up being £462 and they changed all air filter, pollen filter, fuel filter, flushed brake fluids, all which were probably not required for my 2006 Astra, which never gave me problems and always drove well.

    After the service I had the engine light come on and loss of engine power. I called Servicing Stop who have an appalling customer service. They seem nice initially but cannot pronounce your name and then never keep their promises of calling back in half an hour. When chasing up, they claim to have called and 'left a message' - do they take people as idiots by lying??

    This happened during Christmas break, so I waited patiently until the holidays were over. Now after chasing again the garage called me saying that they do not have any premises and that I may have to wait weeks and they cannot guarantee any date. How ridiculous! It is so unprofessional for a company like this to deal with matters as such - getting the garage to call me and inform me that they are no longer open. The person even offered to come to my house to have a look when I mentioned that I cannot wait weeks. I refused to arrange anything with the garage and called servicingstop customer services and spoke to a lady called Jo, who said that a managing director would call me back. This is all tactics of taking so much time and giving the least priority for existing customers.

    People need to stop using this garage - you are better off going direct to dealer and get it serviced there. Servicing stop will claim to save you money but you will end up paying more and then having your car spoilt at the same time. They are only good at taking your card details to debit the amount, after that they do not want to know you any more. Keep Away... I have decided to take my car to Vauxhall garage and get it checked there, no more cowboys and no more incompetence..shame to investors in Dragons Den

  6. Thanks Michelle, Joe & Abdullah for your comments.

    What is particularly striking is how all of you were told that you needed extras such as brake fluid flush, wiper change etc. I was told exactly the same.

    I am going to contact Deborah Meaden and see what she has to say.

  7. Further to my comment above, just as I was about to take it to a different garage, I got a call back from servicingstop. They organised another garage for my car and I took it there to be checked. The garage did their checks and found out that one of the cylinder was misfiring and then finding out that my ignition coil was damaged and needed to be changed. Servicingstop then paid for the labour and also for new spark plugs (as one of them was damaged) and I had to pay for the new ignition coil only. Their customer services rang me again to inform that they will waive the labour charges and the cost for the plugs and I have to say that I have no grudge against them now. This is how customer services should be. I hope that they treat everyone this way and also choose their garages carefully. Please note that to be honest - I am not sure yet whether there was nothing done wrong by the initial garage or not - I was initially upset, but later happy how it went and hope the car gives no further problems. Good luck everyone..

  8. Oh my God!Am I glad I just googled this absolute shower.Heres my story....due to getting married next year and the missuses 56 plate Renault Clio needing a full service thought I would try and save a few quid rather than pay main dealer prices. Low and behold I found SERVICING STOP!!

    I rang them yesterday to arrange what I thought would be a very affordable service, fortunately as they don't work weekends, i was supposed to be ringing them back today with my fiancees work address so they could collect the car. Guess what? won't be ringing them now. I myself am in business (run a Gunshop) and am sick of businesses in this godforsaken country taking people for a ride!! I have always been both fair and honest to all of my customers and that's why they come back, I wonder what percentage of servicing stoppers are regulars??

    To summarise, I will be taking the car to a local garage and paying a little extra for a quality service rather than let these fuckwits near anything I or anybody else I know owns!!

    Also top marks and hats off to the author of this website, thanks for exposing this bunch of useless tossers and long may your little Fiesta be oil leak free!!

  9. @Topshop - Glad to have saved you a potentially dreadful and costly service like the one I experienced. That was my aim in making this post. It's getting a lot of hits so I think it's working. Congrats on your forthcoming nuptials!

    @Abdullah - To clarify, your car developed faults immediately after the service (a not unfamiliar story), and Servicing Stop were good enough to fix them free of charge? Do we know what caused the faults in the first place - was it just a coincidence they happened just after the service? Are you also happy about all the extras you were charged for?

  10. @Trufax

    Yes, the fault has been caused after the full service so it is probably not a coincidence. I am unhappy for the extras I paid, and could have done without all the headache. Would have been much better if dealt properly in the first place...

  11. My thanks to @Trufax and everyone else who has posted their experiences with Servicing Stop. Like many others I was enticed by their advertised 'cheap service costs', hassle free service, and exposure with a Dragon. Fortunately for me I came across this blog before I engaged their services. I'll be going to the main dealer now.

  12. I too had my car serviced with servicing stop. A routine service should of been £195, then got a phone call with an estimate of over a grand. From this point my car had been taken from the work place in Stockton to Birtley some 29 miles each way. I was then charged fuel. I finish work at 4.30pm and my car was not returned until after 6pm and damaged. The customer service is shit.. I rang to complain and got nowhere. Also a comment was made saying I should not drive my 54 Meganne yet they had the CHEEK to drop it off at my workplace and expect me to drive home some 20 miles away. When challendged about the damage to the alloy which is severe they said to me "its proving it".... oh my god !!!. I spent most of my working day chasing them and complaining about this. IF ANYONE HAS ANY SENSE, DON'T USE THEM, THEY ARE CRAP WITH A CAPITAL C. I would use stronger language but best not... as the facts are bad enough on their own !!!

  13. @Ian, thanks for your comment, an all too familiar story, unfortunately. Spread the word.

    @Farid, you've had a lucky escape :)

  14. hi, on behalf of Deborah Meaden, I can confirm she has nothing to do with this firm, the investment did NOT actually occur

  15. @Cass, Thank you for confirming this. Are you aware that Servicing Stop are still using Dragon's Den's name on their website? There is no mention that Ms Meaden didn't actually go through with the investment.

  16. Another "wiper, fluid, brake pad" guy here!

    What started out as a £199 service very quickly turned out to be in excess of a grand! When I mentioned the car was MOT'd 6 months ago the best answer the guy at the garage came up with was "Not all MOT places do such a great job."!

    I am actually more disapointed than anything else because I wanted to support "the little guy" but from now onwards I will just take my car to the dealer. I really thought Servicing Stop would have a stringent vetting process in order to preserve their name but it just seems like any idiot can pay them and that is it.

    My fault for not googling this sooner... they have a cool business idea but that's about it.

    Here are some prices that I was quoted, not sure if they are cheap or not but it should give some idea. This was for work on a 2002 Golf TDi...

    Change cambelt - £380
    Brake pads and actual disc on one side - £390
    Something about the steering rack - £300
    Brake pads only - £114
    Fluids (brake/coolant) - £52 a pop

    I ended up going with just brake pads, full service and fluids which cost £425.

  17. Ive been in the motor industry for over 25 years and being a member of the Institute of the Motor Industry i make sure i stay informed of the latest happenings in the motor Trade.

    I decided to find out more about joining servicingstop as a work provider - however following several conversations, emails and reading their service contract i decided not to join - i sent some what i thought were useful comments back to the Director Toby Richmond - his return comments to me were not what you would expect from any motor trade professional -
    These guys don't know one end of the car from the other - they will take your money and run - keep well away!

  18. Phew!!!! Was thinking of using Servicing Stop until reading the above.

    Thanks to all

  19. It is a shame that some of these “ServicingStop” people don't seem to care about their customers isn’t it?

    I must say a big thank you to those that have contributed to this blog as I will now use a Honda Main Dealer in Ascot. They have given brilliant service in the past 5 years but they are not cheap, hence the temptation to use ServicingStop this time. Cloverleaf Honda it is then!

    I would just ask a small favour, even though we may be angry, can we refrain from using garage mechanic profanity please?

    Thanks again.


  20. Hi, amazing read up, I was just reviewing this company as I myself own a autocare business and out of the blue one of my centers have just received a welcome pack even though I told them 6 months ago that I'm not interested in their set up and don't want to be related with them!

    My only advise is ask your friends who they use, or neighbours.

    we small independents can sometimes offer a far better service than our main dealer counterparts, as well as offering a more honest service.

    I have built up a very successful business over the last 4 1/2 years in my local town by using one policy. "we don't rip people off" and amazingly they come back, as do their friends and family.

    good luck in the future to all, and remember don't accept that so much needs doing on your car without getting a second opinion, nothing needs doing straight away and if their being honest they will be happy for you to have a second opinion anyway.


  21. They are absolutely awful

    They charge more than Merecedes for parts

    They are rude

  22. Thanks was considering using Servicing Stop - now they will never been touched. Am sorry to hear so many people had bad experiences - why are there so many cowboys (and girls) trying to make a fast buck - where did it all go wrong ;-) thanks again

  23. I used them for my last service and MOT. They called to tell me that I needed to change my front tyres since they are near legal limit. I agreed. After I got my car back, I discovered that it started shaking at high speed. They did not do a realignment and tracking after changing and rotating the tyres! I had to spend another £40 at kwik fit to get it done.

  24. Oh dear, I read your site before letting my new golf go for its first intermediate service, but i bought into the dragons den thing so totally.
    Car returned with smashed wing mirror, didn't reset the onboard computer, so it is still telling me it needs a service, haven't heard a peep from Servicing Stop, they have a great automated testimonial ratings email they send you after the invoice, i guess you can imagine the rating I gave them! I anyone has a shortcut to getting some action I would be most grateful to hear it, such a shame, a great idea so poorly executed by a bunch of shysters, don't be like me avoid them at all cost.

  25. I booked a service with these guys - connected me with an excellent garage and the service went well. reported above some of the extras they suggested were quoted at exorbitant rates including a brake fluid replacement one year too early. It seems they add a huge margin on to the extras to make their money. Also very odd behaviour as far as e-mail is concerned - promised e-mail confirmation of service arrangements three times - no e-mail. Is this incompetence or are they hiding something?

  26. Just booked my service with Serrvice stop...

    Then thought... hand on a tick and did a bit of googling.

    I have now cancelled my service with Service Stop - it's funny that they have no bad reviews on their 'unbiased' customer comments section... back to the main dealer for me costs are 40% more but at least I'll know that they'll do a good job... and give me a loan car.

    When asked as to why I cancelled I told them that I read some poor reviews about their 'extras', bad workmanship and poor customer service... I've used other on-line type services before with no issues - 'Black Circles' for tyres, for instance, were excellent all round - so don't be entirely put off, just do your research.

    Thanks anyway for the heads up on the cowboys!

  27. Deborah didn't invest in the comany. The deal didn't go through aft er the end of the show, and it seems like a good thing for her in the long run.

  28. Most garages are out of their depth unless you happen to have a side-valve Pop. Take the case of a friends son with a VW 1.9TDi van (105 BHP model). It kept losing power intermittently and the check engine light was coming on. Unfortunately he went to the Main Dealers. First the injectors were replaced to no avail. Next the fault was declared to be a worn-down camshaft! This was also replaced to no avail. After this it was declared to be the cylinder head, replaced to no avail. £1500 for SFA! On the way home the van misbehaved again but being a Friday night the garage had shut for the weekend. "Ah well we did say it might be the turbo" was the answer when the client returned the following week. Garage then replaced the turbo and charged another £1500. NO PARTS (that had nothing wrong with them) RETURNED. By the time I heard the sorry saga it was too late but according to information that I have discovered there is a common problem with these engines. What happens is ageing and cracking of the wires that drive the electronic injectors. It will be interesting to see if this is the real problem. If so how does he stand legally? For a start there is the missing parts (sold on eBay?) second is gross incompetence as surely a main dealer should know about stock-faults. Could be £3K for a few bad electrical connections - and its still not fixed! No need for OBD and Canbus scanners, just tune in to the grapevine. Its the pits. Thankfully I can solve most things myself after a career in Technical Support but most garages are way out of their depth and they just blunder along at the customers expense. By the way the garage would not release the vehicle until the bills were paid. Nice main dealer is now trying to wangle out of the problem by saying "the mechanic who did your work doesn't work for us any more". Sounds like a capitalist plot to blame the workers. Jeez you'd get better mechanics in a third world country wouldn't you? The term "Kaput Durch Teknik" seems appropriate. Oh almost forgot, the man had to buy another vehicle whist the garage was bumbling about.

  29. omg i have an appt on thursday - which i will now be cancelling

  30. Amazing !! I was quoted £148 for just a first oil/filer service for a new Vauxhall Vivaro . A polite gentleman called me at around 3.30 today and told me the front brake pads and rear brake pads are 95% worn and would cost an extra £300 plus vat . I asked for the van to be re-booked for that additional work . I got a call at 5pm for payment and they asked me for £581 plus vat as they have replaced te brake pads as well !!!

    My regularly-serviced Toyota Rav4 was taken to a Putney garage by ServicingStop. It's a 1996 model but with only 33K miles and it was SORN for 2 year after doing only 300 miles since its last no problem MOT. I was therefore somewhat surprised to receive a "bad news" call telling me that the car had failed due to a worn tyre, headlight adjustment, hand brake adjustment and... a "leaking brake servo". The latter was quoted at over £800 with labour and there was a long list of "additional work advised" including timing belt, water pump, spark plugs, all oil & fluid changes adding up to a total of over £1900 EXCLUDING the £250 charged for a full service and MOT!!

    I asked for the car to be returned and took it to a reputable local garage who did the MOT, serviced the brakes, changed the type, adjusted the headlamps, topped up or changed fluids/oils depending on condition for £525 all inclusive. Before I had the work done, I did the brake servo test and asked them to also check beforehand and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it.

    I don't know if it's incompetence or dishonesty but it was a complete waste of time and money. I am now in contact with ServicingStop customer care who are explaining that MOT tests can be "interpreted differently depending on the garage" and "given the age and mileage of the car, manufacturer servicing recommendations, etc" but even there the timing belt/water pump replacement (quoted at over £300+VAT) is given for 60k miles minimum. A previous ServicingStop representative had assured that an error of that magnitude (i.e. failing MOT on a major part that was ok) "would be dealt with very seriously" but they are not falling over each other to get back to me so far... we shall see...

  32. I've been meaning to service my BMW 320D, for the past few weeks, but haven't had the time. I googled "BMW servicing" and servicing stop was the first site to come up. I looked through the website and it all seemed pretty impressive, so I booked a servicing for monday...luckily I came across your blog just in time. Obviously I'm going to cancel the booking and go straight to BMW...its better to pay more rather than going through the headache of these cowboys. Thank you so much, you've saved me from becoming another victim :)

  33. Today I had my car collected after booking into servicingstop for a service and an MOT. Prior to it being collected I warmed the car up , (it was covered in ice and snow), scraped down all the windows, and checked the basics, Lights , indicators brakes, front and back. I have just received a call telling me my car failed MOT indicators and lights. (I was immediately suspicious as they were working perfectly this morning and almost every time I drive I do a basic check, anal I know but it comes from Riding a motorcycle in London traffic.) I was then read out a list of items and options, replace spark-plugs £110 for parts and labour... I confirmed this was just to replace the plugs and the cost of standard plugs..... The list went on , I have cancelled any further work and have demanded to get my car back..... NEVER AGAIN...

  34. I would sincerely like to thank you all for your valuable and informative uncovering of this inferior company called Servicing Stop. I was considering to use them for my two new Honda cars and my gut feeling made me google their name. Am I glad I did!! I read all your personal experiences with them and would not touch them now with an 8-foot pole! The precious time you spent commenting on their terrible service will help the rest of us not get scammed by them and also put an end to their dodgy business...

    Thanks again!

  35. Customer service stil crap. They confirmed a booking for today by email then canceleld it at the 11th hour. By email not by 'phone!
    When I called them they said it could be done on 7th April. I asked which garage would be doing it as I doubted their ability to arrange it. Tanya (sic) could not tell me as "I need to speak to the garage" . She said she would call me back. Guess what Tanya did next??? Whatever it was she did not call me back nor didi she do so the following morning. So STUFF them.
    Disgruntled Jock

  36. To all who have written, almost a year has past since the last comment, but i am sure they have not changed their ways, due to all the above i will not be using Servicing stop now or ever!
    I too found this site by googling servicing stop review. I'll go to the main dealers and pay slightly more for a better service all round. after all, you get what you pay for and from what has been said it has never been more true!

  37. 1) By mistake I saw servicingstop ad on Google.
    2) I rang and asked for a simple change of oil and filter for my son's Smart.
    3) When they said they will report any other faults, I said I only want change of oil and filter.
    4) They sent our Smart to Westlake Garages, the most unreliable garage there is.
    5) Upon return the car was leaking oil badly.
    6) They forced Westlake to take it back to stop the leak, when they drove the car for fun and brought it back still leaking (they claimed the car was on test the whole weekend, when it was obvious from the mileage that it was misused).
    7) They charged me £211.19 for Oil filler cap before they could bring our car back. I had no choice but to pay and get our car back.
    8) Then they asked Remo Auto Centre to fix the leak. What they did to our Smart brought the engine alarm light on.
    9) Remo came again and temporarily made the light go away.
    10) Again on the first trip out the light came on again. Therefore it was obvious Remo was responsible for any damage to our Smart.
    My son has lost the usage of his car, he is out of pocket by about £350 for a simple change of oil and I have lost so much time in following up the case.
    I am sorry that I did not see the reviews about their company, otherwise I would not have dared to go near them. Therefore I have no alternative but to ask for the price of our Smart from the CEO of Servicingstop (Oliver and Toby Richmond) and if I get no satisfaction I will take our case to Which magazine and take them to Court to claim for a new Smart. In the meantime I have asked for the refund of £211.19 that they have taken from my son.
    I am sure they are going to ask for more to fix something else, before they bring our son's car back.
    Can anyone advise me what else I can do. Has anyone got the email address of the CEO.
    This was the truth and I was neither rude or sarcastic.

  38. Feb 2010....L200 Warrior Serviced....badly.
    Mar 2010.. Truck returned to Garage as the turbo pipe disconnected as clip had not been tightened. Along with fan belt slipping. [AA advised after breakdown to return to garage]
    Jul 2011... breakdown taken to main dealer .. when garaged changed timing belt they did not tighten bolt and has now sheered in camshaft.
    Servicing Stop says warranty only for a year so will not consider the £1391.93 repair bill to have bolt drilled out. This is bad workmanship not parts warranty. Garage that did the work has now been taken over Dec 2010. [New Owners advised that they run garage into the ground.
    Servicing Stop should be accountable as they chose this garage. What checks do they run?
    Also how many other cars are out there serviced by this garage that could be potentially lethal.
    They do not want to know... and will not even discuss with me. Have reported to Trading Standards.
    Customer Service is the Key......bollocks...

  39. Another trader who thought about signing up to be a servicingstop provider.

    What they are willing to pay to service providers for servicing is an absolute joke. It works by the garage submitting the bill to servicing stop who then charge the customer a bit more for the job. In order for servicing stops prices to be low - as they claim they are - they have to push the prices down with the service providers.

    It's a similar model to what a supermarket follows except supermarkets actually have a purpose. The formula is buy goods at the lowest possible price, pay your staff as little as possible, charge maximum price to the customer.

    They have an arbitrary price limit for fully synthetic oil which they say is the maximum we can charge. I think they say £30.00 - the oil actually cost around £35.00 and more if you buy it from somewhere like Halfords - £45.00 - so what is a trader supposed to do? Pay for the oil and accept a loss when selling it or put something else in instead. Neither is acceptable.

    I'll tell you something else as well. We're basically as good as told to up-sell and encourage people to buy extra fluid changes. So not surprising many comments above mention this.

    They also want the car washed and cleaned and don't pay for that. The only way you could do this cost effectively is to have car cleaning facilities on your own site because you sure as hell can't make earn any money if you have to give it all to someone else to wash the car afterwards.

    From the point of view of a potential service provider I can only see this being bad news. All they want to do is skim off the top of our trade and are only going to do what’s necessary to make that happen.

    All the things I thought they’d get wrong they have got wrong. The only incentive I would get for being a service provider is that I wouldn’t have to pay for advertising as they would get the jobs for me. But having to give them a massive cut means we can’t afford to be a provider of theirs so they can go stick it. What’s the point if we don’t earn anything from it. The customers don’t benefit either by the sounds of things. Just a bunch of sharks skimming the cream off the top.

  40. The best thing to do with servicing stop if you are not satisfied, and like me feel you were ripped off... dispute the payment with your card issuer, and also start action through the small claims court. Servicing Stop billed me over £900, and after nearly a year of fighting servicing stop and their elusive if not fictional Julie Black, i was refunded.

    One main piece of advise is to check the date and time of your MOT certificate when your car is returned, and make sure it was issued, not before when they phone you to tell you your car has failed.

    The fact that this company has gotten away with so many conning tactics is outrageous, and still the reference to their dragons den appearance is somewhat tiring. I wish i had never seen them on dragons den, as i would never of bothered dealing with these scum bags!

  41. I don't watch Dragon's Den and had never heard of this company but found them at the top of the Google hit parade when I was trying to find a new garage to service my Skoda (my old garage has closed recently). It was the delivery & collection service that enticed me to Servicingstop.

    Fortunately I decided to check them out before booking with them - and I found this blog.

    What can I say except thanks a million - now I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole!

  42. After googling I found out this company servicing stop, they gaurantee cost lower than main dealer, but do not provide same satandard of work and dont complete full work as per service norms. I am not sure that there garages are work on dealer service standards as I recieved my car from then I started having electronic fault and my rear tyres need replacing they came back with a report stating 4-5mm thread. Never use servicing stop

  43. ServicingStop is a very big con. I would say avoid them like a plague. My initial full service and mot for £185 ended up being £800. The car was driven to a garage 32 miles away from my place, so i ended up with a lot less fuel in my tank which can be added to the total mentioned above. Intially i was told i would receive the car next day but I insisted that since they collected my car from my workplace i needed it back the same day so i could get back to my loving family the same day. I thought these guys were joking. The car was delivered at 7 pm instead of the promised 5 pm deadline. They did not vacuum the car from inside as promised. What really blew my top was when the guy from the garage who delivered the car said that he would have charged me a lot less if i had gone directly to him instead of through servicingstop. Im warning you again. Avoid it. Stick to your local garages. Only go to them if you are very loaded and dont mind being conned of your hard earned money.

  44. Never trust those clowns at Servicing Stop
    Front page of website-
    "A car service at Servicing Stop validates your warranty and saves you up to 60% off main dealer prices".
    "Our approved garages make sure that your manufacturers' warranty is protected at all times"

    In fact the car service Servicing Stop offer does not include the manufacturers requirement to change brake fluid and therefore clearly invalidates the warranty.

  45. "Avoid at all costs."

    I had my clutch replaced and attended the 3 clutch inspections (even though it is hydraulic clutch.

    On the 3rd inspection I told them the bite point was high - they told me that it was my fault etc.

    I had a main dealer inspect & replace the clutch & then took Mr Clutch to the small claims court. Before the court date Mr Clutch paid out "to avoid the hassle of having to attend court"

    I am happy to advise anyone to avoid Mr Clutch and would suggest using Google (I wish I did before using them).

    Hope this helps someone else.

  46. Thank God for finding this. Too many conmen around.

  47. I have just cancelled my attempt at booking a service with servicingstop. Thank you for saving me from them.

  48. Phew!!! That was close. Had booked them to service my Jaguar tomorrow. Then I found this site. Service promptly cancelled. Close call I think.
    Thanks to all who contribute to this.

  49. had it not been for this blog, i would had wasted my money...thanks to this blog, i wont be using this company, rather pay a bit extra and go to dealers directly...will rather have a stamp and qualified serviced done to my car from dealers and when the time comes to sell my car, assure the next buyer its been serviced to exclent speciication and had no cowboys round the car what so ever

  50. I am going to Barnet trading standards and advise everyone to do the same to put a stop to these cowboys my experience takes me too long to write, but trust me it was bad, also you can write about it on this site ranks high and so anything you write will be googled easily

  51. My car's not long had a full service, at a garage I've used for over 20 years - touch expensive but I trust them implicitly. They do charge around £55 for MOTs though, about £10 more than a Ford dealer at the moment, & as the car should pass, I've been looking for an MOT closer to home & cheaper.
    I was about to book an MOT with servicingstop but, as it was there, I listened to the clip from Dragon's Den. Not sure whether it's my broadband speed but the audio was out of synch with the video & I started thinking "this could be dubbed, they could actually be saying anything". So I googled them. And found this !
    Thank you people, for sharing your experiences with these shysters & so avoiding one myself.

  52. Avoid this Company like the plague.
    I recently had my car serviced by this Company and apart from overcharging me for work that wasn’t carried out their customer service leaves a lot to be desired –i.e. non-existent.
    My car was booked in for a full service with their local garage in Bo’ness, Scotland, the car was picked up as stated between 08:00 and 10:00 by the garage representative. However, one hour later the garage contacted me and said they are running late and would not be able to pick my car up for about another hour. When I explained that they had picked up the car approximately one hour before the telephone was put down without further explanation – Black mark for :-
    Servicing Stop Garage
    Bomains Industrial Estate
    Linlithgow Road
    EH51 0QG
    Later that same afternoon I received a telephone call from Servicing Stop advising that the car was ready and would be released back to me on payment of the servicing cost and additional work carried out. They advised that the additional work carried out was due to the fact that the Brake Fluid had been drained, the system flushed out and refilled with fresh Brake Fluid. This amounted to an additional cost of £55.00 over and above the servicing cost.
    Servicing Stop duly sent me a link to their secure payment system where I settled the bill in full. The payment receipt stated that I would receive a copy of the invoice within two / three days after the car was returned to me.
    My car was duly returned to me at the specified time by the garage representative, however, when I spoke to the garage representative about the additional work he stated that the Brake Fluid had not been drained out and system flushed. I can only assume that Serving Stop have altered the Service Report, which I have not yet received, to get more money out of me. Obviously, the total amount had to be paid before the car would be released back to me.
    After a few days I contacted Servicing Stop via email and telephone requesting a copy of the Invoice and Service Report to no avail, hence the non-existent after sales customer support. They even had the cheek to send an evaluation request to rate my experience with them by email.
    This is definitely one Company that I will not be dealing with again, as I said in my opening paragraph:-
    Avoid this Company like the plague. (big letters).

  53. Not good at all.
    I found Servicing Sto on internet and I wish I had done better research.

    1) Fiday 27 Sep October
    I booked soimething that they call "Full Service" ten days in advance.
    I gave then all van's details and sked for quote.
    I was told that "Full Service" will cost 200. Over phone it was confirmed that it is price to pay
    and if any extra jobs need to be done I will be informed beforehand.

    2) Thursday 03 October.
    I left my van in their Putney Garage ( I volunteered to do so) at 10 am.
    Gentleman from garage promised to call me in lunch time.

    As nobody called untill 4 pm so I decided to call Servicing Stop myself .
    Chap who answered said he had had mechanic's report and he sterded to read it.
    And this is where all fun begins.

    1) Front brake pads worn below legal limit. (OK fair enough), 148 GBP
    2) Far side CV gator broke (not surprised as I knew about it), 80 GBP
    3) Engine oil needs to be replaced 48 or so (???!!???)

    Wait a second. I booked " full service" asked for price and was quoted 200 GBP right?
    And after whole day of waiting you are saying me that replacing oil is an extra job?

    Guy I was talking to told me that although replacing oil filter is included oil itself is not.
    my subsequent question was.
    "Does it mean that as part of "Full Service" you replace oil filter but not oil itself ?"
    The answer was "Yes"
    When I asked him how technically it is even possible to do that without draining and re-using dirty oil he put me on hold and after a while agreed that oil will be included in price.

    The finalle of this experience was :
    1) I cant be sure weather they changed oil at all as there is no way to check it and my question "what kind o oil have you used remains unanswered".
    2) Cooling liquid is overfilled
    3) They forgot to put back engine cover and made me to return twice to replace it even though job takes 3 minute or so.
    4) They smashed side mirror that 2 weeks later is still not replaced.
    5) Drivers seat is stained with oil as they don't bother to cover it when getting into car in their obviously dirty suits.

    Once I paid my fee any contact stopped. I still don't know what kind of oil is in my engine and weather it was changed at all. I believe it was as it was overfilled too and I had to drain it.

    Garage job was done in:

    26 - 29 Winthorpe Road
    SW15 2LW

    AVOID AT ALL COST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Yikes! I was looking at ServicingStop for an MOT and service, but no way am I sending my beloved Honda there now! Thanks everyone for saving me a load of hassle (and dosh!!)

    Lucy :)

  55. Avoid!!
    I had a "full service" in October 2013. The garage failed to seal back my fuel filter and I was continually filling my car with diesel until I brought it to the Audi garage to check. The undercarriage of my vehicle was 30cm in diesel with my engine flooded. Servicing stop were order to rectify this poor service under the goods and servicing act. They fixed the fault and I requested they cleaned all diesel and check for any further damage if any. They cleaned my engine with brake and clutch cleaner and water. This is the wrong product and the water caused electrical faults. I brought my vehicle to Audi who detected that the vbelt and cambelt needed replacing due to fuel leak. Servicing Stop offered no customer service intact are very argumentative on the telephone and in written format. This matter is going to small claims court as servicing stop offered £40 as a good will gesture. Avoid!!

  56. I used them before i read this blog,got the call saying advisory notes were special oil needed (full syn),fuel additive,ie redex £35 and pollen filter £35.I don't like fuel additives and if i did it costs £5,filter £7 so it is extortion,they wanted to charge me £30 labour for pouring redex into the petrol tank.The car was picked up and returned on time but i think the garage is dodgy,i hope the car keeps running fine as it was before i used them.

  57. I got screwed today by servicing stop. Thay quote a price then when they have the car bump up the price, You are forced to pay to get your car back. I just wish I new a way to stop other people falling into the trap advertisement lies, promises lies

  58. March 2014 - they wanted to do unnecessary work and charge for unnecessary parts - but prepared to weld on the MOT Failure - of course they went ahead on the service without checking! cost £99 for an MOT fail basically, so I took my car to a recommended garage who said the welding was really two new sills and not worth doing ! No use complaining take your money and run.I complained for a week to a cheeky Chinese chappy as slippery as a bag of rattle snakes to no avail! but if even a few people post their bad experiences you will soon run out of victims. Also Trust Pilot don't seem to want to post my honest scathing review, they are in cahoots.
    Servicing stop have nothing to do with Dragons Den but imply an endorsement by keeping their video on their marketing.- find a local garage that comes recommended, more likely to value your custom and do a decent job at a fair price!
    Don't use STEER CLEAR -
    RATING minus ten out of ten *servicing stop is servicing Plop and stinks to high heaven*

  59. Thanks for the warning, just cancelled. But on the upside, my local Jaguar deal knocked off £100 off the standard full service price. Use Servicing Stop to get a better deal out of your main dealer :)

  60. My Fiat Ducato 5 months of MOT 42600 on clock I wanted an engine service.No local Fiat service agent,hence Servicestop.cost for service £171 and £10 for MOT they collect and deliver.Collection required a phone call as they were late.Next day get a call failed MOT removal of rust and weld £220,front wheel bearings to be replaced and wipers I give the go ahead on welding hear from them for week.get a text view bill online ,bill £1200 I phone to ask why so high and why have I not been consulted as with the welding,What has been done to the engine other than oil and filter change.I get an undated proforma in answer to my question as to what has been done.if I had received the proforma I would not have continued.In my view I got an MOT I did not required and not the adequate engine service I wanted. Servicestop would discount £50 for being late for collection.My feeling I have been screwed big time do I chock pay for my stupidity or what ?

  61. I am disgusted to say the least about my first experience with Servicing Stop. My car was picked up from my place of work and taken in for MOT (only ) on Friday morning at about 10.00am.
    At 2.59pm I got a missed call on my mobile with a message saying to get in touch with Martin regarding my car, he did not tell me what the problem was in the message he left on my phone. So from 3.05pm …….i started trying to get in touch with him to find out what was wrong with my car. The lines would ring for many minutes, at times no one would answer the phone, when someone did they’d tell me to hold on for long minutes and never get back to me….i eventually got to speak with someone at about 4.50pm. I spoke with a lady called Whitley who promised that Martin would call me back, but Martin never did……

    The guy I eventually spoke with at about 4.50 pm told me that my car had failed MOT test, he went on and on about the list of reasons why my Car failed MOT. Eventually I told him thanks but that I was expecting my car to be brought back to me at work as arranged. He explained that normally cars would be delivered back to owner between 4-6 pm. I said okay and waited back at work in sidcup alone after everybody had gone home.

    At exactly 6.03 pm Martin called and said that he got news that my car had broken down on the way to it being delivered to me at work in Sidcup. This is 19.36 and im stuck at work with no means to get back home. I called a cab and got a quote of £110 to get back to my house in Colindale NW9 from my place of work in Sidcup, Kent.

    What ever the case Service Stop should look into what happened to my car while in their care. As for me, I think I’m due compensation and a courtesy car until repairs are done to my car. I handed over the car to Servicing Stop in working condition and I expect to get the car back in the same working condition.
    It's 9.05pm now and I just got to my cousins house in abbeywood as I could not make it back home to Colindale cause the keys to get into my house is in the car
    If I don’t get a solution to my car by tomorrow morning I shall instruct my solicitors to take this issue over and report you guys to the police.

    I'm still in Abbeywood right now as I have not been able to get keys to enter my flat in Colindale. Servicing stop poor reviews out there and I regret trying you out. I shall instruct my solicitors tomorrow morning regarding next step to take.

    Mr Phillips

  62. It's really very sad to read all these stories of woe at the hands these ruthless conmen. On the upside you can all take pride in the fact that your comments are helping others to avoid the same troubles and that is very noble. So a big heartfelt thank you to one and all.

  63. AVOID OR BE CAREFUL!!! I booked a service and MOT with servicing stop at the start of May. the agreed quote was £124.09.
    They picked my corsa up at 10:20 (20 minutes late from when they quoted) so they were off to a bad start.
    I then had a call from Lloyd at servicing stop at roughly 3:00 who was very polite and informed me that 'my MOT had only just About passed' and then proceeded to inform me of various 'advisory' notices after the agreed service schedule. The following items were advised along with a ridiculous price for each and this was WITHOUT VAT! :
    -new spark plugs £39.50
    -new brake fluid £52
    -new front wiper blades 'looked worn, but only just passed' (even though these were replaced at Christmas!) £23.85
    -engine coolant flush £48
    -engine oil flush £32.50

    The additional advised extras brought the total to £319.94! I politely informed them that I would not be paying for the extras and that I will be running this past another family member who used to own a garage for him to double check. They pushed for me to proceed with the advised work and I declined again. I reminded him that as per the website the customer must approve any other work and that the car had passed the MOT and therefore I will be paying for the service and MOT but nothing else. He then gave me the final bill which was as initially quoted on the website and paid via the website. I'm no mechanic but I fail to see how the additional extra work could have been carried out in the allotted time. I think a lot of people would feel pressure in having the work carried out there and then but I knew their add on prices were extortionate. So glad I spotted this page of reviews whilst the car was being serviced as I would have believed them. My car was then late being dropped off and I had to phone the company so find its whereabouts. I was assured the driver is on route and was 'stuck in traffic'. Yet more disappointment, my car arrived at half 6. He gave me the paper work but none of the advisory notices had actually been listed or documented. Instead I was informed by the man who dropped my car off that I now had a handbrake problem and that he can fix it for me for £40 and that the garage would charge me a lot more if they did it! My handbrake now doesn't work properly and the brakes felt less responsive than before. My MOT certificate then mentioned an advisory saying mild exhaust leak. I have received 3 different messages from this garage!
    Needless to say I won't be using their services again even if they do have pages of positive reviews on their website.

  64. We used Servicing Stop just recently for a service as we are going to Italy soon and our service turned into a recommended bill of over £1100!! The garage that had the car are a local MOT station and established about 15 years. The guy phoned my missus to warn her not to drive the car anymore as the ball joints were shot. His words were extremely dangerous. I think he thought she was single and was trying it on because I checked the front wheels, saw no damage to tread, no noises from steering, there was probably about 1mm movement on 3-9, 12 - 6 was solid. Not the sign of completely knackered joints. Also when she was on the phone querying something she said she needed to check her MOT sheet which she thought was in the glove compartment and low and behold has since gone missing - why??
    Possibly because they said one of the arm rods was extremely worn and needed replacing and after she phoned Halfords to see what the adviseries were on her last MOT, surprise surprise that particular arm rod was replaced last October and there were no adviseries on the joints either. The tester at Halfords said it was near impossible for a 2006 Santa Fe to go from nothing to a death trap in 8 months. She only uses the car for totting about, school runs etc.
    This company is a big ****ing scam. I checked the MOT station on Google and didn't see anything out of the ordinary so why
    world they risk their rep by saying essentially her car is a danger when she could just take it elsewhere and get a totally different opinion. Surely it makes them look incompetent. I can only assume they thought she was single and were trying it on. I would advise everyone to steer clear of them!!!!!!


  66. I had worst experience ever , the Garage forgot to put my my Service book in the car when they returned it and now they are saying that they did put it in .
    they over fill the engine oil ( one inch above the max limit on dip stick ) and one of the adviser was telling me to check it when engine is hot and running Really !!!!

    didn't even bothered to maintain the breaks the pressure after both front and back break pads and disk replaced . though I tried to cancel that after 10min when they give me the quote but they still went ahead .

    End up spending £ 700 , for a car I just booked for MOT +Service ( 57 REG ).
    On top of that the customer servies is really useless , in response of all the thing I mention they send me terms and conditions :(

    Avoid them like a plague .....


  68. Have used servicing stop for the past year to service our fleet vehicles. Today, one was in with them and the usual phone call for extras came. The breaks were "shot" and had 95% wear. Also the guy explained that one of the lights needed changing. He did not know what it was called but after describing it to me it transpired he was talking about the indicator. At which point I asked to speak to somebody who had some knowledge about cars as he clearly had less then an average person, let alone someone working in the motor industry. He reluctantly gave me the number for the garage who advised that the indicator did not need changing and the break pads had 80% wear. I called serving stop back to ask that they immediately release my vehicle and do no further work however the service had already started. I reluctantly agreed to pay for the service and the guy said he would take my card details over the phone. After taking the usual he then asked for my Mastercardsecure password. I refused to give this to him as said that he should not be asking for this. He explained that this was their normal practise for taking payments over the phone, I still would not give him then, after which he told me I was never getting my car back, swore at me, and put the phone down.

    Obviously I did not leave it there and eventually started speaking to someone with a little bit of sense, but I would not go near this company again.

    Incidentally car was returned dirty, and the driver explained to me that he "had some fun" driving it.....exactly what you want to be told.

    Some of the garages they use are fine, others are not. The staff at their call centre however need to be taught some basic communication skills and respect. They do not appreciate that by giving them your car, you are putting trust in them that they will look after it,. They have about as much knowledge about cars as an average person on the street, and will say anything to get you to take on extra work including blatant lies.

    Will be going to a local garage for our services in future.

  69. Thank goodness I read these reviews - was just about to book in with them for my MOT as it sounded ideal having someone come and pick up my car from work and return it! Sad that they really have cornered a bit of a gap in the market and actually could provide a sterling and well priced service that would get them countless returning customers and excellent reviews - making them a leading provider (and making them wealthy!). Also, they probably haven't vetted the garages they use well enough - silly, as the accountability will stop with them.
    Oh well, back to the drawing board for the MOT, but pleased that I checked if there were any reviews out there on these guys that were honest!

  70. So glad I read this before I went ahead and booked with these guys - they sound dreadful and what a shame as it's a dream come true when you're working to have someone collect and return your car! They could have cornered a niche market and been the leading company in this type of area (not to mention it making them very wealthy long term - not just a quick 'steal'); subbing out to garages will never be a good idea unless you've vetted them and are sure that they represent your brand perfectly.
    Well, back to the drawing board on the MOT, but at least I'll be sure to get what I pay for…

  71. The staff at their call centre however need to be taught some basic communication skills and respect

  72. I have used these once before, years ago, and found the service was fine... I was at work so the lack of a car was not a problem.
    I decided to use them again rather than ring round a couple of local garages for the ease of use. Booking it in was easy enough, however when I got the email confirming the booking the garages given were both well over 20 miles from my address. After a quick email telling them to find me one closer or cancel, I had no further response.
    On the appointed day there was a knock on my door around 8.30am, and 2 mechanics were stood there to collect my car... from a garage 2 miles from me. So why were they not given it in the first place?
    So OK, off they went... nothing was heard until 1.30pm when someone from Servicingstop rang me to say the garage were ready for payment, and adding on 4 extra services.. a surcharge for the non-standard oil needed in my car (£30), a surcharge for a full engine flush (£60), a surcharge for a full brake system flush (£60) and a ludicrous surcharge to connect my car up to the diagnostic system to investigate the "misfire" I had told the garage guys about (£70)... as I had never even mentioned a misfire I found this one to be extremely shady.
    Suffice to say, I grudgingly accepted the oil, but declined all the others.
    Now, given that Servicingstop say that you pay to release the car for delivery back to you, I take that to mean that it is then ready... not so. It was returned to me after 4pm. Funnily enough there was no mention from the mechanic about any of the "extras" I could have paid for.
    At the end of the day, if you want an online experience with the vehicle collected and delivered back, but no car for the full day, go with this one... Me? I will be calling the garage who actually did the work next time and getting it done cheaper.

  73. Wish I had read this before booking a service with these cowboys. Car went in for a service to a garage in Croydon, they did 'something' to the brake disks and failed the MOT due to the usual tire tread but told me to get the tires replaced somewhere else and come back. I did this and the MOT was then passed BUT driving back from the garage the clutch mysteriously started playing up. So more expense to fix another issue probably caused by bad workmanship. Not using the servicing top garage anymore, going to the dealership this time. I've been burnt and learnt my lesson. AVOID SERVICINGSTOP AT ALL COSTS!!& don't go shopping to the strand in London very bad experience ;-) !!!

  74. Had just booked a really cheap service and MOT with servicing stop - but due to above will now cancel and pay double at Vauxhall but at least have piece of mind!

    Thanks all!

  75. So glad I read these reviews! I will now be cancelling my just-booked full service and MOT. The price seemed too good to be true LOL. Thanks for the comments guys!

  76. The car was collected and taken to the garage. I get a call from servicing stop to tell me that my Sump Gasket was leaking and they also advised that my inner driveshaft sill was leaking, both major jobs that would have cost serious money to get fixed. I refused to get the work done and got a mechanic friend of mine to look over the advisory work. as I thought there was no oil leak the gasket was intact and there was no oil to be seen any ware where you would have expected it to be as you can probably guess the inner driveshaft sill was also not leaking. They also suggested that my coolant was weak and would replace it for £60 I have been getting cars serviced for 25 years and have never been charged for this type of job before. if you search the other negative reviews you will find that this is also common practice along with replacement break fluid which again you would have thought would have been part of a full service I was lucky as I did not believe them to begin with but please be warned against this company I have reported to trading standards they will be investigating the company as a search for negative reviews brings up many similar customer experiences. Deborah Meadon you should be ashamed to be an investor in this business. I will continue my fight to protect ordinary consumers that may just agree to getting work done from Servicing stop

  77. I used Servicing Stop last year for the annual service and, although the work seemed costly, the convenience of it all helped masked that; plus I don't know how much things cost, or how much was wrong with me car. So my fault there, really. This year I decided to use them again.
    Terrible experience; bad customer service from SS, and when the car came back personal belongings were missing. Yes, somewhere along the line someone stole items from the car. I called SS and they said I had to email instead. So I did and 2 days later no reply, just chased again.

    I want to know how we can get the word out further; these guys should not be in business. The garage by the way was Prestige in Dagenham and SS claim they pick up and drop off the car so I'm assuming the thief is a Prestige employee.

  78. This should brought to the attention of Watchdog or Rogue Trafers by someone who's had a bad experience. There seem to be plenty of you!!

  79. I used them first and last time ever.
    I found them online and Ive been quoted for 262 (131 after discount) and 24 surcharge for oil.
    They took my car nd after few minutes phoned me saying that I need o do differntial oil change and brake fluid change so he price flown to over 485. Few hours later before my car should be delivered they phoned me and told wrong filter was delivered!!!!! So my car won't be delivered tonight! !!!
    I had to pay for a cab (170) and couldn't work next day.
    Day after I asked them how long I gonna wait for my car they said still waiting for filter.
    I phoned the garage and they said I need to pay first what's been done day before at 11 as they send me a link to do so, and filter has been done in the morning. Then I had to wait for payment activation and ask them 5 times to deliver my car as they don't have enough staff to do so.
    And the best now!!!! I phoned my local dealer and full service with all their additional items could cost £380!!!!!
    That's disgusting and the worst service I ever had.
    BE AWARE!!!!!!!
    Fortunately they've been chosen wrong person.
    Media campaign just started.
    Watchdog reported!!!!
    Trading Standards reported!!!!
    As quick as they rose as quick we gonna shout them.

  80. Used these guys for the first time for a full service on my BMW. They called me to tell me that I needed new discs and brake pads on all 4 wheels. They changed fluids, pollen filter and charged me £946. When I received the car back I had warning lights coming on in my display for external bulbs, handbrake and traction control. I parked the car on a slight hill and the handbrake was useless. I have just sent it back to have the diagnostics checked for free. The guy who picked the car up looked at me like I was mad when I said I wanted the warning lights sorted out. They will probably just remove the fuses so the light don't come on.Waiting for a phone call to tell me it is going to cost me silly money and I can tell them to bugger off. Never again. Appalling service.

  81. I used to rig all of the covert cameras for Rogue Traders and I have just had a bad experience with these guys. Was charged a small fortune for a full service.Had to send my car back to them today to get faults fixed again, apparently for free. Will see what happens otherwise I will be on the phone to my friends at the BBC.

  82. It should be STOPServicing not ServingStop. So the original blog was posted 2009 and this is 2nd April 2016 - how and why on earth are these incompetent cowboys still in business??? And WHY is nothing being done to stop them constantly ripping-off people, why? PLEASE avoid them like the proverbial plague or barge pole, anything but AVOID them at all costs. This is by far the WORST customer experience I've ever had, as follows:-
    Interim service and MOT £89 - car collected Tuesday 08:10. Phone call from SS with litany of issues and recommendations like 'engine flush' because oil is black - it would be after a years use! Hydraulic fluid drain and replace (why? no reason given). Window wipers x3 £50! Engine fire-guard replacement. And a warning the exhaust's internal baffles have blown and the rear and middle box will need replacing by next years MOT at a cost of £200 When I Google the exhaust for my vehicle model it shows only one box exists and entire exhaust £50 - so these muppets are going to charge £150 and not even for a full exhaust? - by this time I get a feeling they're talking through their ring-piece.
    Anyway total bill £325 (car sailed through previous 5 mot's no issues). Then the smart-alec salesman 'Josh' comes out with some nonsense that if I pay another £25 now as a loyalty payment my next years service quote will remain the same as this years minus the £25 deposit - what an utter load of tosh, Josh! You're only going to add a load of 'issues' that need doing to bump up the price anyway! By this time I know I've been played like a fool and decline.
    Bill paid and car 'released' 16:30 and returned to me 22:00! Next day notice oil patch on driveway, it now has a leak. Phone SS (don't bother phoning the 0800 number it's dead and you'll ALWAYS wait at least 10 minutes to get through on the other number). They advise the garage will phone on Thurs and come mid-day on Thurs no phone call so back to SS and eventually garage phones me an hour later saying will collect the car between 19:00 to 20:00 but doesn't show up until 22:00 again (I think for obvious reasons these guys like to operate in darkness). Car returned Fri evening 20:00 and I'm just hoping oil leak is fixed (I'm writing this on Sat).
    To-date, 5 days after payment I have received no invoice detailing work carried out and in all honesty I don't expect I ever will. Don't bother emailing their 'customer services' as it just comes back 'undeliverable' unbelievable I call it. The whole experience makes me feeling mad and a total fool - and I'm hoping the oil leak is fixed! AVOID! AVOID! AVOID!

  83. I have never, ever experienced service anything like as bad as I have from Servicing Stop. It’s interesting that ther twitter and facebook accounts have stopped accepting comments isnt it?


    > They did not return my vehicle until MIDNIGHT – who does that???
    > They did not complete the service properly
    > I received abusive communications from the garage
    > It took two weeks for the service to be done properly
    > I did not get a refund (only £25 – still waiting for it)
    > The communication is AWFUL – takes 15 minutes to get through on the phone
    > The customer service teams do not want to know

    Avoid at all costs.


  85. Booked the major second service for my 2 year old Honda Civic Diesel this morning with Service Stop. After reading all their 5 star reviews I decided to dig a little deeper and have just read all the above reviews. So just cancelled my service with them and booked with Honda, who are only £100 more. Many thanks to all who have saved me from a probable costly and stressful experience.

  86. Having problems with my car that I booked in with Servicing stop for a service back in Feb, the problems have only just manifested as I now drive longer distances and at speed for work, I was only driving approx. 12 miles a day at the time of the service. To cut a long story short and after much tooing and froing to other garages it turns out that the brakes that the garage servicing stop sent my car too put the new brakes onto old and dirty wheels (im a women so forgive not knowing the ins and outs of what goes where) they also cross threaded a nut onto a bolt which sheered off when they took off the wheel. I have a very bad wobble on the car when braking, some times its so severe that it yanks the steering wheel out my hand.

    They also failed to change a front light bulb even when told, the reply I got back from the guy who picked it up was "why cant you change it??" to change a light bulb on a mazda 6 you need to take the air filter out. I felt that was rather insulting, should have known things were going to go wrong

    Yet there is no complaint number on the site and you have to wait 3-4 days for any kind of reply!!!!!


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