Monday, 25 January 2010

Deborah Meaden and Servicing Stop

Lovely photo by John Swannel

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People can call me what they like - fat, ugly, sour - but tell me I'm not fair, tell me I'm not ethical, those are the things that bother me.
Deborah Meaden, Interview in The Guardian, 22 November 2007
I actually rather like Deborah Meaden. I don't think she's fat, ugly or sour etc. And she likes animals so she must be okay. Anyway, I've sent an email via her website - which will no doubt end up in a junior PR's inbox - asking her to comment on Servicing Stop's appalling customer service. With £100K invested in the Richmond brothers' venture, one hopes she might take an interest, if, that is, Davinia forwards my enquiry on to her.

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Update: Ms Meaden's PR, Cass, has responded to my enquiry, as can be seen from the comments on this post and on other Servicing Stop posts. Cass has confirmed that Deborah Meaden did not, in fact, proceed with investing in Servicing Stop.

Servicing Stop's website does not mention this, however. It's still using Dragons' Den's name prominently on their home page and many other pages.

So now I'm going to ask Servicing Stop why they are misleading customers by failing to state that Deborah Meaden did not invest in the company. I think I'll also try reporting to the Advertising Standards Authority.


  1. hi, Deborah's PR here!, will make sure she's seen your email about customer service....

  2. cass again, to be absolutely clear, Deborah Meaden has nothing to do with this business

  3. Hi Cass, Many thanks for getting in touch. Feel free to contact me direct via the email address I provided.

    Please can you clarify your second comment? Do you mean that while Ms Meaden is a financial investor, she has no direct involvement in the management of the business (which is what I'd assumed)? Please let me know if there is anything you wish me to edit and I will be happy to do so.

    The fact remains that I and others have been encouraged to trust the company due to Ms Meaden's apparent 'endorsement' in the form of financial investment.

  4. hello, Cass again. The investment did not go thro' so Deborah has no involvement with this business, nor any financial interest in it. I hope you get a reply to your letter....

  5. 21/3/14/
    Servicing stop continue to imply they are endorsed by Debra of the Dragons Den in their marketing which drew me in. Never again, I had a week long running battle with them over their over pricing, wanting to do unnecessary work & not prepared to do actual work required to road worthy standards ! took car my car back and for a second MOT else where; a recommended garage, who confirmed the sills needed replacing for the MOT not a bodge up welding job. Result the car was traded in, but I lost £99 to servicing stop for nothing but wasted time, money and their arguments and denials - but my contract was with them. they were still calling me at work this morning and arguing with me. I have reported the matter in full to the consumer help line. Who have passed it on to trading standards. DONT GO NEAR THEM, THEY ARE DECEPTIVE, MISLEADING IN ALL ASPECTS AND WILL OVERCHARGE FOR PARTS YOU DONT NEED, DISCOVER FAULTS YOUR CAR DOES NOT HAVE AND MAYBE NOT DO THE CORRECT WORK REQUIRED TO MAKE YOUR CAR SAFE FOR THE ROAD. Find a local garage that comes recommended and pay the going rate for your MOT and service ... you will save in the end, your local garage wants repeat business - servicing stop are only interested in fleecing the one off customer and your car will be kept ransom until you have paid the bill - after that you can argue till the cows come home about your complaints and they will just say black is white, tough. I have been driving 36 years and knew my car was not miss firing, of course I could not see the extent of the corrosion underneath the car! Live and learn." servicing Plop stinks"

  6. They are still implying that Debra from the Dragons den is involved in their business. I have just been "Ripped Off"" by them and spent a week arguing about quoting for unnecessary work and parts at hugely inflated prices whilst not actually quoting for the work required to meet the MOT safety demands! The matter is now with Trading Standards, I've asked them to stop calling me, they had an entire week to sort my complaint out - just met with complete denials and blaming the mechanic and me for miss understanding! The fact remains that I and others have been encouraged to trust the company due to Ms Meaden's apparent 'endorsement' in the form of financial investment." Saty well clear of servicing plop they stink!


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