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Servicing Stop reviews

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I've received some interesting feedback to my post in September 2009 regarding the terrible customer service at Servicing Stop Ltd. What's particularly striking is that, taken together with comments posted on another blog (link below), there seems to be a pattern of telling customers that numerous extras are required. I omitted to say in my original post (because it then seemed irrelevant) that, in addition to the full service, I was told I needed: 1) anti-freeze flush, 2) brake fluid flush, 3) change of front brake pads. I was also advised to change the front wiper blades, but refused. These extras added another £212.69 to my bill; the total for a full service, MOT, plus the extras came to a whopping £430.79 (all prices inc VAT). I still feel bad about it; it's the classic naive female car-owner's experience I'd been so anxious to avoid.

Compare this with what happened to Joe Lee, who says,
I too had a bad experience with them. I sent my Lexus for an interim cost £100 less than what Lexus normally charge. While my car was with them, they called and told me my coolant needs a flush & top up, the same with my brake fluid, my wiper needs changing, my brake pads need to change and the same with my tyres.
Sound familiar? Joe was smarter than me, though.
I began to suspect a con as I had just changed my wipers a month ago. I told them to just change the brake pads but I wanted the old brake pads left in the boot. They then told me the brake pads can still last a few months and I could change it later.
When Joe got the car back, he found the engine oil was 3cm above the maximum level. He sent the car to Lexus a few days later, who confirmed the oil was overfilled, and that there were no problems with the coolant, brake pads, tyres, etc...

Then there's Abdullah, who writes
A normal full service of about £200 ended up being £462 and they changed the air filter, pollen filter, fuel filter, flushed brake fluids, all of which were probably not required for my 2006 Astra, which never gave me problems and always drove well. After the service I had the engine light come on and loss of power. I called Servicing Stop who have appalling customer service. They seem nice initially...then never keep their promises of calling back in half an hour. When chasing up, they claim to have called and 'left a message' - do they take people as idiots by lying?
He concludes
Servicing Stop will claim to save you money but you will end up paying more and then having your car spoilt at the same time.
And it's the same story from Michelle, who discovered that
A £160 bargain service turned out to need £500 worth of work, including the timing belt which apparently was going to snap any day...The customer service was shit - they never phone back when they say, and say they have left voicemails (on where I don't know).
Over at, a post about Servicing Stop has accumulated a number of similar comments from people being charged a fortune for extras, as well as one person whose Jaguar's engine exploded after being overfilled with oil.

There's also an enlightening comment from an independent garage, 'ferryman', who says
I have recently read the criteria for joining them as an authorised repairer and can only say that I am amazed that any garage has been desperate enough to join up...By my calculations [Servicing Stop] will make over £100 for a full service on an average family car, for a few minutes admin. The garage accepts all the liabilities and is not supported in any other way by Servicing Stop. My advice to any potential victims is to contact local garages that are part of the Good Garage Scheme.
I intend to contact Dragons' Den investor Deborah Meaden to ask for a response. I will post again when (and if) I hear back from her.

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  1. Hi, Cass here, Deborah's PR - this investment did not go through so Deborah has no connection with this business, sorry not able to help

  2. How I wish I had done some due diligence before allowing this lot to do any work on my car!! Well they have managed to crash the car, are requesting full payment for the service and want to return the vehicle for me to sort out - with £3.5k worth of damage - I think not - I will not be paying until the vehicle is returned in the condition they took posession of it!!

    I will let you know the outcome - suffice to say pretty desperate in terms of the level of service and beware any potential users - their terms and conditions pretty much mitigate them from having any responsibility!

    I will let you know the outcome

  3. I found service stop through my employer NHS. I booked my car in for next day service. My car was picked up on time by a polite and friendly guy from the garage. He demonstrated what checks they would be doing at half the cost of SERVICE STOP.

    *NO CALL BACK FROM service stop or garage RE progress of my car
    *I had to call in case they was some extra work that needed to be done
    * Service stop charged me an extra £100 for 5 min admin work
    *Service stop called at an inconvenient time (when I was in a meeting) requesting their payments with no consideration if I could take the call or not. I requested they call me back in 5 mins so I could put the payment through.....2 hours later I’m still waiting for the call!!

    Still waiting to get my car back, of which I will check with a magnifying glass if everything Service Stop has mentioned on their website was carried out.

  4. Hi
    Well what effing joke these lot are well what can I say what a dumb arse I am for letting these people loose with my car.
    At the time of writing I just got my car back 5 hours ago.
    Ok we are talking about a 11 month old renault Modus owned by my wife that has done a whopping 5 thousand miles .
    withing a hour or two of them having the vehicle ring ring Hello sir we have done the service on the vehicle and we found a nail stuck in one of the tyres would you like us to repair it at a cost of £22 plus VAT? yes I said go ahead.
    Oh and on this particular car the pollen filter should be changed every year £58 plus VAT and the air filter should be changed at a cost I don't remember.
    Does this effect my warranty if I don't have this work done on its first service I asked Yes it does that's why we thing you should have it done.
    After a few choice words I asked to speak to the manager .
    I asked the manager why the service to my car is not a saving of up to 60% as advertise on the website here reply was well we cant always be as cheap as the main dealers but most of the time.
    I stated that they if I had the rest of the work done the cost would be 60% more than the main dealer and i shall see them in a small claims court.
    Let me get back to you she said give me 5 minutes.
    1 minutes later she did phone back as promised we have made a mistake she said , we have spoken to Renault and the pollen filter or air filter does not need changing and the garage in question is now in trouble and they want to know where they first got the information from that my wife's car did need these parts and if I believe that I will believe anything.
    Also just to add I would lay my house that none of my tyres have had a puncture repair.

    Do yourself a big big favour and STEAR well
    clear of these rip off Bastards.

  5. Worst company ever. Entirely dishonest, with awful customer service. I paid £134 for an interim service, which I later found out included an oil change. And ONLY an oil change. They also quoted £650 for MOT repairs, including £50 to change a headlamp?! When I told the guy on the phone that I paid £1.10 to get a headlamp changed at the local garage last year he muttered something about inflation and VAT. Whatever. I told them where to go and took the car to my local garage who did the work and a re-test for £420.

    Incidentally, I later called back the garage privately and asked them for a quote for the same work and it was a couple hundred quid cheaper.

    Don't waaste your time or your money on these cheats.

  6. My partner had a bad experience with servicestop today, they advised her that her air con required a gas top up, strange her car does not have air con then then listed another 10 items which were refused, but they said the brakes need to be checked, price agreed £240, but when they had finished they demanded £310 and would not release the car unless she paid £310. This company is to be avoided even if they advertise that they have been on Dragons Den and have a Dragon backing them.

  7. Very misleading website - called Mercedes for a cost of service (Smart car) and was quoted £300 which included a brake fluid change and decided to service my car at Service Stop which was advertised at £205 few hours later was told that I need a Hi Life oil, pollen filter and brake fluid which in total would cost me £313.00 customer service was to call me and never did had to pay up and with all and with the reviews here, I think I will take my car to Mercedes and have it redone don't trust them at all.

    1. I had exactly the same experience !!! quoted me £118 for a FULL SERVICE - dealer quoted £230
      Ended up costing me £195 just for an oil change as they wanted £32 to fit a pollen filter !!!
      Really misleading website I will never use them again !!

  8. I cannot stress enough that you should seek service elsewhere. I have a 2003 Ford Focus that has run perfectly since the day it was purchased. I was quoted a price of £205 for a full service and MOT. Very reasonable I thought and confidently gave my vehicle in the knowledge that little would need doing. First of all they messed up the pick up time for the service. I had to ring and find out why at 12.15pm I was still waiting for the car to be collected. It turns out an error on their system had me booked in for the following month! OK...not a big deal, they came two hours later (despite saying they would be 40 mins). Later that afternoon I received a call from the garage informing me that my front and back disc pads needed replacing, for the bargain price of £375, next I need a new front tire £125, break fluid for £54.00, engine flush/fuel additive £35.40, coolant antifreeze for £56.40, replace a light and a fuse for £16.50 (on the phone the price for this was in excess of £20 so they ammended this. I am utterly disgusted and flabbergasted. In the end I paid £460.00 (refusing to get some of the items done). They CLEARLY prey on those without much knowledge of cars and swindle them accordingly. DO NOT! DO NOT! USE THEM!

  9. I am disappointed in the service I received from ServicingStop.

    PROS: The main benefit to this service is the phoneline with Servicing Stop call centre as the intermediary between myself and the garage that my car was referred to. This meant when my garage was busy that I was promptly called back. A second benefit was the quick collection and re-delivery of my car (within a day).

    CONS (many!!!): I was quoted £130 for an interim service including £10 for an MOT and thought this was a good deal. When the garage first gave me a call I was originally quoted close to £500 to get my car through the MOT as it had failed on three things including headlights being misaligned, a split CV boot/gator (£117 to change) and offside front tyre being worn down past legal limit on the tread (funny that - only the one tyre? Not the left one too? They are the same age!). I note that I was charged £71 to replace this one tyre, which is extortionate for a Ford KA. They must have used a top spec tyre and I was not offered an economy or middle of the range tyre.

    When I received my car back, all that was inside was my log book and clean MOT certificate - NO certificate of failure explaining to me what my car failed on and NO breakdown of the costs of what my money went on and of what has been done to my car. I note that for my service, all that has been done is the brake fluid changing. My car arrived back dirty and missing a hub cap, which the garage did not offer to replace. For the larger bill entailed by getting an MOT and service I would expect it to come back at least clean.

  10. I have read the comments and do not like what I see and has me wondering on quality of workmanship! I made an appointment with them for Monday the 13/08/12 and took time of work for the agreed appointment date (in writing)and they did not turn up or telephone! When I did contacted them I was arrogantly told make another appointment. That's the short version but I am very unhappy with them, will not use then again the comments here have warned customers so yes I am informed now!!

  11. Wish I had come here before using Service Stop. My story is not as bad as those above but annoying nonetheless. Was bought in by the 5 star reviews online. I didn't go for the full list of extras they quoted but did go for brake fluid change and they claim the headlight bulb had gone although that was a lie. Cost me £329, £30 over the fixed price full service at the main dealer which also included antifreeze change and spark plugs and free road side assistance for a year. After an hour of arguing on the phone I gave up the fight. 60% off main dealer cost is a rediculous claim. Lesson learnt.

  12. i run my own garage and its hard enough to make a liveing ,the customers seem to think they are been ripped off they want a 65 quid service and expect everything to be changed ,they buy fancy clothes settees and holidays and dont want to spend anything on there cars ,if it goes wrong its every body elses fault ,i dont trust customers they tell lies about problems they had and say it was ok before the service ,when all the garages are bust then see where they go ,bet they wouldnt invest 200 grand plus to get customers that want a job for next to nothing , the job would be fantastic without customers sooner go golfing than hear ,its never happened before , i carnt afford it , since you did this , i looked on ebay i can buy for this much less , i know whats wrong i looked on the internet ,well sod off and get the internet to fix it , is my reply , some customers are very good and want you to make a profit .others are not worth the hasstle

    1. I also run my own garage and have a good relationship with my customers, many of whom have been bringing their cars to me since I started in 1986, I really resent Companies like Servicing stop as they actually encourage unscrupulous garages to rip customers off because they have virtual anonymity.
      If you do a good job for a fair price your customers will come back, maybe you are doing it wrong mr "Bloggs"

    2. Would ignore this kind of rhetoric.

  13. And another...
    Got a quote apx £100 less than main dealer. Booked service, during which I got a call saying need new spark plugs and filter for major service I pointed out these were included in the main dealer service and he dropped price to £10 below main dealer! then said "a visual inspection" recommended an engine flush. Told him to forget it as the car was four years old, running perfectly and didn't need a flush. Just do service, including, parts, and MOT as requested. After I'd paid. I suddenly got another call saying the front brake pads needed replacing. I suspected a con but wasn't going to take a chance on safety so agreed and added another £110 to the cost.
    When the garage returned the car I raised the issues and he said "We've had a few customer problems with people booking though this lot."
    Next year it's back to the main dealer for me. My advice would be that these are a bunch of not-so-cheap crooks STEER CLEAR.

  14. I perhaps stupidly just used them. The result: Incorrect paperwork, some of the checks of the service never carried out, and the company's response is that I have to take my car back to the garage at my expense and have them check the checks! This, they say, is "helping me". So what's the point of this company then? Might as well just take it direct to the garage next year.

  15. £19 for MOT and a SERVICE. £24 for just an MOT.......WHY...because they can SCAM you for MORE if they have BOTH MOT and SERVICE to find ways to charge you. I warned my wife. She refused to listen£183.54 for what should have been a straightforward MOT...they CLAIMED the headlight was too low...OK I said...adjust it...Oh the adjuster is needs a complete unit...cost £159.54. The car was too far away, and I was too busy to check......please report those B********s to WATCHDOG. Get them to present some 'Mystery Shopping' cars at various garages across the country...ones that are DEFINITELY VERIFIED as 'Tip Top' condition...MARK ALL THE USUAL SCAM-YOU PARTS.....and nail them good and proper...include North East Garages, Shiremoor, in that one please!!! ANGRY...let's do it. When I said to my wife How can they send TWO men to collect your car/ and TWO men to return your car traveling TWELVE miles both times AND PASS your car for an MOT at £24 without finding a way to make some profit somewhere...she would not listen. They'd have made a LOSS to do this and TEST the car...simply NOT possible..TOTAL SCAMSTERS

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  17. My car needed an MOT and service. Also the ABS light keeped coming on. I got in touch (Idiot) with Service Stop. They arranged for my car to be collected and after a few hours the company rang to say the car had passed it MOT, but needed a component fitted to NSR and brake fluid changed. Cost £318. Car was brought back. We then went for a drive and the ABS light came on, I had to put on brakes and the car came to a slow juddering halt. We drove home and I rang Service Stop to complain. They sounded annoyed and I felt guilty. They arranged to pick up the car a few days later to sort out the problem they had caused in the first place. They did not turn up? I rang them and they said the garage was too busy and they would try again the next day! I then decided to cancel and take the car to a local specialist garage. They examined the car and found the following: Brake fluid not changed, wheels never been removed, No component fitted to NSR, No change of engine oil,Brake pad NSR seized and binding,ABS fault OSR rust on sensor. Or in other words the car had not been touched by the ServiceStop garage.

  18. Service stop - Mazda 6 - Full service and MOT - £203.00. picked up ok, 4 hrs later the phone call - your car has failed the MOT - new brake pads needed front and back - quoted about £200.00 + vat = £240.00 and my brake fluid needs changing, i have had services from mazda and they have never once said anything about brake fluid changing. anyway i was not paying that for the brake pads so i said no thank you i do not have the money and instantly he was dropping his price! so i still said no.
    This service stop are from London and try to charge you London prices! you have been warned

  19. Gave my car for a full service and MOT. collected on time and delivered on time except that:





    I had to drive the car back to the garage almost 30 miles in order to get everything fixed!!!

    did not even offer a compensation, instead gave me a half price service next time to which i replied "i wouldn't even give them my car even if they gave me a total FREE service".

    please avoid!!!!. do not fall in to this trap ( of so called car service) with your precious cars that you drive. I made a mistake by not searching and reading the 100s of terrible feedback that were available online.

    DO NOT even TRY THEM !!!

    Value For Money

  20. 204.00 for basic service and MOT. Pick up time was between 8 and 10. Turned up at 10.31. No apologies, instead complaining about weather being to hot. I have a push button start on my car, which he did not know how to use. I explained you put key fob in clutch down then push button. He did not listen. He put key fob In and pressed button. My car started bleeping cos clutch was not down, he was shouting at the car to shut up!!!! Return time for car was 4 and 6. Car returned at 7.05pm. Yet again no apologies. Car was absolutely rotten. There was concrete on my mats, bottom off drivers door and stuck in my peddles. The outside looked like they had been rally driving. There was concrete, mudd and dirt allover the paint work. When shown this, he replied dont know how tbat got there!!!!!! But I pointed out he had rotten dirty work boots on. When I quiried what work was done on my Mini Cooper, he said oil pchange and filter?????? Ask him why it cost 204.00 for oil and filter he replied, "had to up grade oil, cos Mini stated this and that he would only be paid 75.00 the rest was servicing stop". Hense totally pissed off. I have sent 2 emsils to servicing stop, my husband has sent 2 emails as well and we have had NO replys. I took photos of my car and I shall be pursuing this complaint.

  21. Do Not Use Servicing Stop

    Messed up a simple MOT:
    - Did not return car at agreed time
    - Did not inform us that timings could not be met
    - When I phones, I was told car would arrive in 10 mins - actually arrived 73 mins later
    - Recalled 35 mins later to be told it was “minutes away” - actually took more than 30 mins
    - Got cut off twice while on hold with agent



  23. Sucked in with a headline price of £74 for the first "interim" service of my NIssan Note. Car picked up at right time, then the phone call - pollen filter replacement - no thanks. Engine oil flush - get lost. Special oil required to maintain warranty? Not sure so went for it at an extra £52. Dipped the oil today and it doesn't look very clean.....I think I was ripped off and will not use them again.

  24. I feel that I have been scammed. My experience from start to finish has been abysmal and certainly not effortless as they advertise. I will certainly dissuade any one I know to avoid this like the plague. From pick up where I needed to contact service stop directly to find out if they were still coming on the day, which took me ages to get through of at least 15 minutes. My wife who was waiting in also rang to see if they were coming. Then they turned up at the last minute at 10:00. They then asked me for a oil flush which I declined. Then instead of the agreed price of £129.16 they charged me £165.16 (£36 for special oil!!!) which ended up more expensive than the main Saab dealer price where I was quoted £159. Tried to phone through to discuss and took me another 20 minutes to get through. Then we I get the car back the book has not been stamped even though I left it on the passenger seat as requested and the service indicator has not been reset so the panel keeps on telling me that the service is due. I will never use this service again and will return to my main dealer. Now have an oil leak from the filter housing.

  25. Servicing Stop - Never experienced such complete rubbish customer service.
    So book a specific day in advance for a service & MOT, needed the car collected & redelivered & only day car available, so went to Servicing Stop On the day no one turns up, I ring SS asking whats happening who tell me that none is available & I would have to rebook, explained no good to me, so took time out of day & took to the garage and also had to collect it. Garage made an error with the bill, charged for a puncture, which car didn't have, they couldn't call SS that day as no one was picking up the phone, I had same problem, so I had to pay online to get my car back. Since then 1 month, all I have had is an email acknowledgement. I have emailed various times, rang SS 3 times to try and resolve, no one will speak to me as the various people dealing with the issue are always on the phone & never ring back. I have no confidence they will ever do anything so I will no go via the small claims court, wish me luck.

  26. Unbelievably Bad Customer Service - So book a specific day in advance for a service & MOT, needed the car collected & redelivered & only day car available, so went to Servicing Stop On the day no one turns up, I ring SS asking what's happening who tell me that none is available & I would have to rebook, explained no good to me, so took time out of day & took to the garage and also had to collect it. Garage made an error with the bill, charged for a puncture, which car didn't have, they couldn't call SS that day as no one was picking up the phone, I had same problem, so I had to pay on line to get my car back. Since then 1 month, all I have had is an email acknowledgement. I have emailed various times, rang SS 3 times to try and resolve, no one will speak to me as the various people dealing with the issue are always on the phone & never ring back. I have no confidence they will ever do anything so I will now go via the small claims court, wish me luck.

  27. Worst service ever. End up paying £290 instead £133 and don’t know what for. Asked for itemised billing, but no luck there eider. They suggested to change Timing Belt and water pump which I change two months ago obviously they didn’t notice that is new. They supposed to check brakes, but dirt on my alloys didn’t show any hands or finger prints, wonder how they do inspection?? And on the end staff at customer services desk was really I mean really useless. So the question is am I going to use ‘servicing stop’ again? mmmm quiet difficult decision…

  28. Service stop garage

    We are a garage that does service stop work, even though it is a nightmare to call service stop as we are often on hold for 40 minutes, we do clean our customers cars, and replace only the parts that require doing, so there are many satisfied customers i guess.

  29. I work in customer services so I like my service returned when the boot is on the other foot. I also write praise when service is good. I have done this more time than written a bad review,
    Do not under any circumstance use this company. Too many hidden cost. Its a crazy idea to give your car to someone, they did the work without authorisation. Then they would not release the car. Do not trust them I had service senor lights left on Josh from the team needs work. No one manning the phones. Don't do it Bring your car to your local garage and speak to them in person.

  30. It was a very bad experience, I was looking for a cheap way to service and MOT my Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 engine size 2004 model , I booked my car in for servicing with Servicing Stop Ltd and I was quoted Engine Full Service £45 and MOT £35 totalling £80. I thought this was a fantastic offer. Afterwards I went to read their reviews and some customers said they were ripped off so I decided to cancel the booking but since they have got my details, their customer service continually bombarding with calls, persuading me that the negative reviews have been investigated and they are not true reflections of what happened and have been resolved. I was convinced and I rescinded my decision so I went with them. My car was picked up yesterday 30/3/2016 by a supposedly local garage but I later discovered my car was driven away to a garage about 40 miles away leaving a full Tank of petrol left in the car drained to Half tank at delivery. Apart from this, I got a call after 3hours that my car has failed MOT, stating these reasons, 1. The two front tyres =£140, 2. Broken Shocks Rubber Cover = £126, 3. Indicator switch socket is broken = £65, 4. Headlamp Realignment = £20, 5.Rear Shocks defected =£80, also they claimed my car uses a special oil thereby attracting additional charge of £20 totalling £451 + initial £89 = £531.
    I was mad hearing this, I insisted they bring back my car, but he claimed since the 2 front tyres failed they cannot bring back my car and said whenever I made up my mind I should call them back hence I was stuck. I tried to ring back but no one answers my call hence I decided to investigate the local garage that picked up my car (MS Motors, Sleaford). I rang the garage and asked about my car MOT details fortunately I was lucky to get it, My car failed based on 3 Faults NOT 5 Faults as Servicing Stop Ltd claimed, These were the quotes from the garage The 2 front tyres =£80, 2. Broken Shocks Rubber Cover = £40.80. Indicator switch socket is broken = £50, plus VAT= £33 totalling = £202.80 compare to £451 claim by Servicing Stop Ltd. Having seen the difference, of £248, I instructed the garage to go ahead and fix my car. Servicing Stop Ltd sent a code and a web link to me to pay online for the Servicing and MOT but not aware that I have spoken to the garage, when I entered the code on the web link, I ended up paying £121 against the initial agreement of £80. My car was delivered today and the car came with a Used Tyre against the agreed brand new tyres, I put up an argument but they won’t release my car until I pay the £202.80 initially agreed on the phone, I ended up parting away with my £323.80. PLEASE DO NOT BOOK YOUR CAR THROUGH THESE GUYS THEY ARE CONMEN

  31. Used this company for the first time for service and MOT. Must admit to being seduced by the half price service and MOT costs. Phoned up to advise me that the MOT had failed on several issues. Went through these then asked if I wanted to pay and have my MOT completed that day. Needing the car I said to go ahead. On receipt of the invoice, I was livid at the breakdown of costs. For example
    FRONT/REAR - £90.00 + VAT!!!! Can get this done at local Halfords for £6.99 per wheel. What made it worse was that the MOT advised that most of the issues were advisory only. Absolute toerags. AVOID AT ALL COSTS AND GIVE LOCAL GARAGE YOUR CUSTOM INSTEAD


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