Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Email to Mr Brophy 4th August

The last I heard from Mr Brophy was his email on Wednesday 29th July. I replied the same day. I received an acknowledgement from Sonia McDonald on Friday 31st July, but have yet to receive an actual response to the points raised in my email reply. (Ms McDonald's email promised a written response within 10 working days, which takes us to 13th or 14th August, just before I go on holiday).

So, tonight, Tuesday 4th August, I have emailed Mr Brophy again, reminding of the urgency of the roof leak, including a link to this blog, and cc'ed to Mr Crawley (who is on holiday right now).

I will be logging every event, however minor, as it's good evidence for the probably inevitable (going by past experience) litigation to come.

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