Friday, 7 August 2015

No Acknowledgment of My Email to Mr Brophy of 4th August

I've not received an acknowledgement of my last email to Mr Brophy dated 4th August, reminding him of the urgency of the roof leak.

Nor have I received the statutory notice of works which Mr Brophy told me, in his email of 29th July, would be served imminently:

"At this present moment in time a section 20 consultation notice is being drafted for both the 99 year lessee and yourself laying out the proposed works and costs.  My intention is to have these with you by tomorrow afternoon at the latest."

"Tomorrow afternoon" as in 30th July. Proposed works as in not the urgent temporary repair, but "more permanent" works to the gutter. Section 20 consultations take months, as I noted in my reply of 29th July (and meanwhile my home contents remain at serious risk of water damage).  I also pointed out that there are eight flats in the block, not two.

At this rate I may be forced to apply for a court order or injunction ordering Wandsworth to comply with its repairing obligations, but it'll have to wait till I'm back from holiday.


  1. I'm a new leaseholder, and I am trying to get in touch with Mr Brophy. Googling his name led me to your blog... I hope your issue is being sorted out now.

  2. I've just called, and apparently Mr Brophy has left the Council!

  3. Thank you, Sarolta, for your comments. Mr Brophy was one of the good guys. I don't know whether you've checked out my posts going back to 2009, but if you have any dealings with Mr Crawley or Ms Parris in the Eastern Area Team, I would strongly advise keeping very, very careful records of communications, especially with Ms Parris, because my experience was sending her numerous letters over a three year period yet none of my letters to her made it into Wandsworth's files. So - any letter posted to them should be via Recorded Delivery and you need to keep the receipt and a copy of the letter. If you meet Ms Parris in person, then I would strongly advise sending a letter to her (via Recorded Delivery) confirming what was discussed, immediately after the meeting. Basically, proceed on the basis that every communication must be recorded, because they might otherwise pretend it never happened. Although Mr Crawley hasn't attempted to deny receipt of anything, Ms Parris has a long history of it, and Mr Crawley has conspicuously failed to respond to my complaints on this front.


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