Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Wandsworth Tries But Fails To Repair Windows

Following the major external cock-up works of 2012, three [out of four] of my sash windows developed problems, either failing to stay shut or failing to open. (My downstairs neighbour had, and AFAIK still has, the same problem).

Three years and numerous visits to inspect later, only one window has been repaired. Lately, there has been another 'push' towards achieving this epic repair.

On 29th July 2015, Mr Brophy [apparently no longer working at the council*] successfully identified that "two sash windows were not working correctly". Previous inspections over the years had, unsurprisingly, yielded the same conclusion.

On 9th October, Mr Adedoyin from Wandsworth was due to come in the afternoon (no precise time was specified) with the window repair contractor from T. Brown Group, to repair the windows. Nobody came. Mr Crawley said afterwards that the appointment had been for 9-10am that morning. This is incorrect; I know I agreed the afternoon when Mr Adedoyin called me to arrange the appointment. He did not send an email to confirm, so I cannot prove it.

So, another appointment was made, this time via Mr Crawley, for 30th October. Mr Adedoyin came, but without the contractor from T. Brown to repair the windows. Mr Adedoyin just had another look. Sure enough, he concluded that the windows weren't functioning correctly. 

On 10th November, although no appointment had been made, a contractor from T. Brown randomly showed up while I was out and left a card saying he'd tried to gain access.

Another appointment was made, for the morning of today, 18th November.  Nobody came. I emailed Mr Crawley at 12.12pm to advise him of this. He said they were running late, and they'd be there "before 1pm". Nobody had bothered to let me know. I had to go out at 12:30pm, having arranged my day in order to be at home the whole morning. Got back later to find card from T. Brown saying they'd tried to gain access at 1.23pm (not the morning, and not "before 1pm"). Email received from Mr Crawley proposing another repair attempt on 23rd November. Maybe fifth time lucky.

* That's three disappeared so far: Ms Whiteside who supervised and organized (haha) the major works; Mr Phelps-Gardiner who was completely unable to identify the cause of the roof leak over the course of repeated inspections; and Mr Brophy (the only competent person so far encountered at Wandsworth) who was immediately able to identify the cause of the roof leak on his first inspection.

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