Saturday, 23 January 2016

And so it goes on, interminably

I did meet with solicitors in November, but they turned out to be incompetent. The solicitor I met with was excellent in terms of his legal knowledge, but then somehow it all went wrong. No draft letter was sent after the meeting as he'd promised. Two weeks on, I chased it up. No reply to emails or voicemail messages. Eventually, after failure to acknowledge the chasing emails and voicemails, a draft letter arrived, and it was shockingly bad, drafted by an illiterate moron. I replied detailing my complaints and requesting a refund. Immediate result. A partner rang me, agreed it was all very poor, and I got a refund and went back to square one.

Meanwhile, Christmas happened. 

So now I'm on the second lot of solicitors. Hopefully a very strongly worded letter to be sent out in the coming week.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Leak Continues To Spread

On the afternoon of 3rd January 2016, the second leak looked like this.

An hour later, the drip moved and resulted in more water on the flooring, because my giant 50cm bucket isn't wide enough to cope.