Friday, 12 February 2016

Still no sign of the builders

So, the scaffolding went up on Monday 8th Feb, and in spite of unusually dry weather, no sign of the builders all week. 

Mr Crawley had emailed me on 5th Feb, saying: "It is likely that access will be required to your property at certain points while these works are undertaken, and also once they have been completed to confirm that they have been successful. Therefore, I would be grateful if you could advise as to when you might be able to provide access to your home in the next two weeks."

Luckily, I did not go to the trouble of providing him with a two week schedule of my availability. I told him it would be far easier for the contractors to phone me and ask, as and when they needed access. Mr Crawley, unusually, agreed with me. Nobody has phoned me.

It remains unclear why access might be required when they are doing repairs to the outside, nor how they expect to confirm success after competion, when the interior disrepair will look exactly the same.

I haven't asked as I don't care. They can have - and have had - all the access they want. Several times a man from Wandworth has come round, had a look at the sitting room ceiling and confirmed that it's leaking; and then he goes away; and then I get an email from Mr Crawley saying Mr Whoever confirms there's a leak. So that's probably the sort of access the builders want, the Just Having A Look sort.

Here's a photo of the view from my bedroom window on the afternoon of Thursday 11th Feb, demonstrating both the lack of activity and the fine weather.

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