Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The Weight of a Solicitor's Letter

My solicitor received a reply from Mr Crawley yesterday. Mr Crawley says the roof will be repaired within 28 days. No mention whatsoever of having to get signed consents to the cost of the repair from all the lessees.

Amazing. After arguing with Mr Crawley till blue in the face, one letter from a solicitor (which essentially repeated my arguments, but in a weightier style) and suddenly he's Mr Cooperative. I fully expected it, as there is no question that Wandsworth is obliged to repair the roof, and to do so immediately, but it is still wondrous to experience the reality of Mr Crawley *not* insisting, with an air of patient condescension, that it is necessary to obtain the signed consents before proceeding with the repair.

Wandsworth's solicitors will be responding separately to my claim for damages. I doubt they will be quite as cooperative; still, again, there is no question of Wandsworth's liability, it is just a matter of agreeing the quantum.

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