Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Just for the record

Contractors did not attend to carry out remedial works on Thursday 24th March.

Contractors did attend on Tuesday 29th March. (The first ever day they have done so). They worked on the roof, not the wall.

Contractors did not attend on Wednesday 30th March.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Balcony Mini-Saga Trundles On

Following on from my post on 28th February, I received Mr Crawley's reply on 14th March 2016.

Avid blog followers will recall that I presented Mr Crawley with three options in respect of the momentous balcony inspection and the temporary removal of a few small planks of wood to facilitate this inspection. I proposed that:

 "...either 1) your on site contractors do it, or 2) you wait for my builders, and you accept the restriction that you work within the timescale of my builders being on site. 

If you reject options 1) and 2) then the only option remaining to you is 3) instruct solicitors, - who will, I expect, advise you that the matter is 'de minimis' and to opt for 1) or 2)."

Mr Crawley's reply:

"My view is that it is appropriate for the decking to be removed and reinstated by the party that installed it and this seems the simplest approach. Nevertheless I appreciate that you disagree with this view so it is my intention to seek advice from our solicitors before reverting to you in relation to your proposed options."

I haven't bothered to reply.

I also know, from past experience, that effecting the balcony inspection is a minimum three years to completion project in Crawley Land. Followed by a further three years to actually repair the balcony should it prove necessary. I can only presume that's why my proposal to inspect AND repair the balcony within a two week timescale of access is unacceptably speedy.

Monday, 21 March 2016

In Which Mr Crawley Continues To Spectacularly Piss Around

The works which Mr Crawley anticipated would commence on Monday 14th March 2016 did not commence and have not commenced. Precisely fuck all has happened.

Mr Crawley has failed to keep to the originally anticipated schedule of works, which were to be completed by tomorrow. Mr Crawley has further failed to apologize or provide any explanation for this latest delay, and failed to provide a new timetable.

This is habitual Crawley practice, i.e., doing fuck all over an extended period.

My letter of claim was sent six weeks ago and Wandsworth still hasn't got its fucking act together.

Wandsworth's solicitors Sharpe Pritchard today requested a further two-day extension of their already extended deadline of tomorrow, Tuesday. I said yes, but that if they don't deliver by Thursday I'll be issuing proceedings. I've had it up to here with Crawley fucking pissing about.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016


The reply to yesterday's letter came from Mr Crawley. There is to be an on site meeting between the contractors and Wandsworth on Friday 11th March, including having yet another look at the disrepair inside my flat, and it is "anticipated" (there is generally much anticipation) that repairs will commence on Monday 14th March.

Mr Crawley also informed us that he "anticipated" the scaffold for the roof works would be erected next week. Obviously and bizarrely unaware that it had already gone up last Sunday 6th March.

He then went on to address my concerns about scaffold security. However, being unaware of the fact that there's scaffold at the front, he assumed I meant the scaffold at the rear, and said there was no easy access to it - which of course is true, but of course missing the point.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Scaffolding 2: Repairs 0

The contractors attended as arranged on 29th February. Their supervisor inspected inside and out; the first time this has happened. The supervisor concluded that he disagreed with the spec for the wall repair, said he would discuss it with Mr Crawley, and then they all left. I've heard nothing since. There was also meant to be an on site meeting between Wandsworth and the contractors last week, to finalize plans for the roof repair. That didn't happen either.

Meanwhile, another lot of scaffold - for roof access - went up at the front on Sunday 6th March, without any warning. I am not happy with it as the lowest platform is far too low and any reasonably agile burglar could access it via the sturdy garden railings (sans spikes) and there are ladders conveniently left in place between the floors. My second floor windows obviously have no locks.

Yesterday, exactly a month after my letter of claim, my solicitors finally heard from Wandsworth's solicitors, Sharpe Pritchard. They're asking for another two weeks to respond in full. We have granted them another two weeks. We've also asked them to address the scaffold security issue and tell us when the work will actually start.

My initial optimism about the repairs getting done quickly has worn off. Still, at least it'll be a lot quicker than if I hadn't instructed solicitors.