Monday, 21 March 2016

In Which Mr Crawley Continues To Spectacularly Piss Around

The works which Mr Crawley anticipated would commence on Monday 14th March 2016 did not commence and have not commenced. Precisely fuck all has happened.

Mr Crawley has failed to keep to the originally anticipated schedule of works, which were to be completed by tomorrow. Mr Crawley has further failed to apologize or provide any explanation for this latest delay, and failed to provide a new timetable.

This is habitual Crawley practice, i.e., doing fuck all over an extended period.

My letter of claim was sent six weeks ago and Wandsworth still hasn't got its fucking act together.

Wandsworth's solicitors Sharpe Pritchard today requested a further two-day extension of their already extended deadline of tomorrow, Tuesday. I said yes, but that if they don't deliver by Thursday I'll be issuing proceedings. I've had it up to here with Crawley fucking pissing about.

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