Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Balcony Mini-Saga Trundles On

Following on from my post on 28th February, I received Mr Crawley's reply on 14th March 2016.

Avid blog followers will recall that I presented Mr Crawley with three options in respect of the momentous balcony inspection and the temporary removal of a few small planks of wood to facilitate this inspection. I proposed that:

 "...either 1) your on site contractors do it, or 2) you wait for my builders, and you accept the restriction that you work within the timescale of my builders being on site. 

If you reject options 1) and 2) then the only option remaining to you is 3) instruct solicitors, - who will, I expect, advise you that the matter is 'de minimis' and to opt for 1) or 2)."

Mr Crawley's reply:

"My view is that it is appropriate for the decking to be removed and reinstated by the party that installed it and this seems the simplest approach. Nevertheless I appreciate that you disagree with this view so it is my intention to seek advice from our solicitors before reverting to you in relation to your proposed options."

I haven't bothered to reply.

I also know, from past experience, that effecting the balcony inspection is a minimum three years to completion project in Crawley Land. Followed by a further three years to actually repair the balcony should it prove necessary. I can only presume that's why my proposal to inspect AND repair the balcony within a two week timescale of access is unacceptably speedy.

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